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The tanjiro rap (demon slayer amv) from the anime demon slayer kimetsu no yaiba!
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►demon slayer remix by Tyler Clark: youtu.be/gGBQ5AlWxRw

Who’s your favorite demon slayer character? Which part of the song was your favorite? Leave a thumb and let me know what I should rap next in the comments below!

►Video edited by K2SonicFan:

►Demon slayer remix by Tyler Clark:
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►Demon slayer song by Caleb Hyles:
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►Demon slayer rap by None Like Joshua:
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Synopsis: Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (鬼滅の刃 Kimetsu no Yaiba, Blade of Demon Destruction) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Koyoharu Gotōge. The demon slayer manga (kimetsu no yaiba manga) and demon slayer anime (kimetsu no yaiba anime) follow tanjiro and nezuko. In the anime demon slayer kimetsu no yaiba, tanjiro is trying to turn his sister nezuko demon slayer back from a demon to a human. Other demon slayer characters include Zenitsu, Inosuke, and Giyu Tomioka. The demon slayer movie or the kimetsu no yaiba movie will be released in 2020 and demon slayer season 2 so watch the demon slayer movie trailer or kimetsu no yaiba movie trailer. Watch demon slayer episode 19 or watch kimetsu no yaiba episode 19. There is also the demon slayer dub. If you enjoy the demon slayer theme, tanjiro cosplay or nezuko cosplay, watch demon slayer online or demon slayer streaming, the demon slayer op and demon slayer opening (kimetsu no yaiba opening), or the demon slayer ost, or anime girls, this is the best anime, best anime 2019, and best anime 2020.


Life will always change like a river, but the blood will flow
Since that day, it will never be the same
Now I’m only trying to save my Nezuko
Under the fangs and the nails
She’s an angel, I swear
Have faith
She’s there, I know
Training everyday cause there’s got to be a way to make her stay
With strength, our bond will grow

Never let go
If you try to kill her as a demon, I’m a slay
A pillar gets a beating and it’s heads I’ll throw

Anybody harm her, then my sword hydrates
With my water breathing, then you drown in H2O

I can smell your hatred from miles away
Ready for a shower? Cause the water’s still cold

Put my hands together and I start to pray
Demons fade like ash in the breath I blow

Give me an obstacle 
Split it in half when it just seems impossible
Carrying burdens, and sorry, my box is full
She holds you down while I’m choppin off your skull
Can’t be afraid like Zenitsu and not be cool
Can’t be too brave like Inosuke and always duel
I will protect her even if it breaks all the rules
This bond is unstoppable

It’s for Nezuko
Second form improved
I won’t let her go
Water surface slash

With my breath control
Twisting whirlpool drop
I won’t let her go
No I won’t

It’s for Nezuko
No I’ll never let go
I won’t let her go
and protect her Nezuko

With my breath control
No I’ll never let go
I won’t let her go

Life will always change like a river, but the blood can stop
Not every demon is the same, some used to be humane
Some overcame the pain at a cost

I just want to talk
but I’ll use a blade if a finger’s ever laid
on my sister, no delay
when I quench your thirst,     
fifth form blessed rain
gently decapitate
but you’re gonna learn you’re better off
I’m praying for your loss

Whatever your angst
Before you went through the change
I’m sorry life was depraved
Your family never embraced
You didn’t have any strength

That doesn’t mean you can take

Another life for your sake
and now the water falls

Never kill out of hate
I try to do it with grace
Every demon’s a different case
But now you out of your place
Taking her for a slave
I’ll wash a spider out with the waves
till my father calls

Becoming Hinokami

It’s surging all through my body
In spite of how it can harm me
Ain’t no stopping while dancing
around the threads, I’m only dodging           

My death but I need to guard the
bonding that’s between our heartbeats
as she’s starting the demon art being
part of my assaulting
I’m swinging my sword so broadly
and fire rains like a tsunami
now your memories are coming all back in the

second I’m loppin it off when you fought me
May you find all the peace  in the offing
As you go

It’s for Nezuko

Striking tide and drop
I won’t let her go
Splashing waterfall

With my breath control
Hinokami Kagura
I won’t let her go
No I won’t

It’s for Nezuko
No I’ll never let go
I won’t let her go
and protect her Nezuko

With my breath control
No I’ll never let go
I won’t let her go