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The Stardust Crusaders rap (jojo amv) from the anime JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure!
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Who’s your favorite jojos bizarre adventure character? Whose rap verse was the best? Leave a thumb and let me know in the comments below!

►Video edited by Heine Sætrevik:

►Beat produced by ZHERA:
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►Joseph Joestar rap by Gameboyjones:

►Muhammad Avdol rap by Dreaded Yasuke:

►Noriaki Kyakoin rap by O Super:

►Iggy rap by Joey the Anime Man:

►Jean Pierre Polnareff rap by Tokumei:

►Dio Brando rap by Vinny Noose of RockitGaming:

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►Jotaro Kujo rap by None Like Joshua:
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Synopsis: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 スターダストクルセイダース or JoJo no Kimyō na Bōken Sutādasuto Kuruseidāsu) is the second season of the jojos bizarre adventure anime by David Production, based on the jojo bizzare adventure manga series by Hirohiko Araki. In this jojo adventure, the jojos bizarre adventure stardust crusaders characters are jotaro kujo, joseph joestar, noriaki kyakoin, muhammad avdol, jean pierre polnareff, and iggy and are fighting dio brando from the anime jojo bizarre adventure pt 1. Other jojos bizarre adventure characters include Dio’s son giorno from jojos bizarre adventure golden wind or jojos bizarre adventure part 5. You may have seen jojo memes with dio jojo. Jotaro’s jojo stand is called star platinum and he briefly stars in jojo bizarre adventure golden wind or jojo part 5 aka jojo golden wind. All stardust crusaders are in the jojos bizarre adventure game. If you enjoy jojo cosplay, read the jojos bizarre adventure manga, download the jojos bizarre adventure online anime or the jojos bizarre adventure netflix, jojos theme or jojos bizarre adventure ost, or the jojo op, or watch jojos bizarre adventure online, this is the best anime.


Oh no

Do you see where I stand

Breaking the camera was part of my plan

I just need hermit purple

To give you that vision

Right after I took out

My grandson from prison

Now sit here and listen

I’m telling a story

I beat all the pillarmen

Now I got glory

But now I am older

I need a new ember

So me and my grandson

Set out on adventure

You don’t wanna stand tall with the Avdol

When I got Magician Red in my catalogue

Let my cred walk, fire drip from my dreadlock

Burn you up, now looking for God, need a Ted talk

And I’mma hit’em with a heater

Too close ya glucose going up just like a Fever,

and I do it in my leisure

Leave your remains in your sneakers

Good grief
You would think I’m weak
I’ll soon beat you with Star Platinum in two blinks

Never hoodwinked, I see right through your screen
Whether gods or tarot cards, my stand is moving
to you

Yeah for Holly, we come to the rescue
If I’m punchin you in your teeth, then I meant to.
Dio goons ask me for mercy, the oraora is

To be continued….

The Stardust Crusaders yeah
Up against Dio

Hierophant green; sans a emerald arm

Keep my stand on equipment long distance like the

arms of an Egyptian God, my lord.

Rest in peace into my soul leveled hole into existence. 

Escaping the control, Dio holds no repentance 

Blinded by the sight, in the dreams your revisions

Battling the World, stop time we are missing 

Last train home with my friends on this mission.

The name’s Iggy

Bouta make a Fool out these cats

Blastin’ gatz on N’Doul; Dio watch the crack

Claw back the fools that tried to put me back in the Pet Shop

I’m the Sandman; wishing you had a raindrop

I’m a killah, it’s in my bloodstream

Serve you up some Vanilla cuz I whipped the Cream

Fuck the supreme being, I’m just a lazy mutt

Yo I could do it by myself but you can lick deez nuts, haha.

I’m Taking a Stand While I’m slicing with silver chariot

You thinking I’m dead better hope you get the memo quick

When I say that my honor, you cannot damage it

And when I take off this armor you’ll be spotting after images

You wanna rumble with the greatest elite

I’ve been in the scene where fires the only thing that I see

Get to smacking pussies down with a weapon like Tom and Jerry

And not even the wimpy Dio can make me do things so dishonorably

The Stardust Crusaders yeah
Up against Dio

Useless You’re approaching me?

Coming right to me but you lack the speed

Stopped time in The World I’m infinity

It’s a game of chess I move like the queen

A baragge of knives from your head to toes

Bout to get steamrolled by the one Dio

Joestar underestimates the foe he’s facing

Cuz the world is mine and it’s for the taking

well I can’t beat the crap out of you unless you get closer
only way you’ll kill me is if the world is frozen over
I told ya
Never running away like the older
I’ma figure you out like exposure to the sun

It’s not cheating if I ain’t caught
I’ll give you a beating for everyone who had fought
Now my soul can’t be stopped, and you’re beginning to scoff
Only reason you lost is cause you pissed me off