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The jojo villains rap (jojos bizarre adventure amv) from the anime jojos bizarre adventure!
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Jojo villains rap

Jojo villains rap video without advertisements

jojos bizarre adventure amv edited by xheinyboi & Alket02:

Jojo remix by Musicality

Dio brando rap by Nux Taku

Kars rap by Gr3ys0n

Dio rap by Shao Dow

Kira rap by Cdawgva

Diavolo rap by Sketti

Pucci rap by JY Shawty

Funny Valentine rap by NLJ

Tooru rap by Caleb Hyles

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Jojo villains rap

Synopsis : JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (Japanese: ジョジョの奇妙な冒険, Hepburn: JoJo no Kimyō na Bōken) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki. It was originally serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine from 1987 to 2004, and was transferred to the monthly seinen magazine Ultra Jump in 2005.


It was I
Mr. Steal Your Girl

Here to take your world
Put you down, like your dog

So you’re gonna feel the burn


One’s a mask, one’s a hidden threat
First the money, then the power 

Then you know I’m eatin all your breads!
When I throw away humanity
I’m vampin up my energy

You’re useless!
I’ll survive as an amputee
And stay ahead of the game
Soon the world in my possession
Devoured all this life

I’ll come back for seconds


A genius among my people

Us pillars pictured perfection 

But their portrait painted us evil

Made a mask so we can bask 

In the sun 

I gave em blessings 

Big blade on the wrist 

I slashed to pierce the heavens 

The immortal killer kami 

My people faced me 

They kamikaze 

Joseph had to work with some nazis

Just to try stop me

Anybody cross me I’ll rock they body 

Right where the cross be 

They all blasphemy 

Cause I’m too godly

Za Warduo
Facing my


You’ll lose confidence

And the consequence is incontinence

You’re incompetent

I’m the alpha



It’s all consonants

It’s the D to the I O


Shoulda never come here to Cairo

Nuh uh

If you want the beef bredder I go


And I’m always right like a biro

Look look look

Kill off your gramps that’s a Jojo meme

Stop the hands on your clock make a Jojo scream

Better watch how I tick off the whole damn team

I’m a boss lemme give ’em the pose and lean

Are you mad bro?

Approach me get broke no cash flow


(Dakura Kore wa Ore no toki no stando, So this is my time stand) 

And man’s still feeling like Dio Brando

Excuse me miss, could you give me a hand?
They’re lookin like the Mona Lisa’s

I’ll explode like my stand
My name is Yoshikage Kira
Do I need to say more?
Tell you the story of my life
I’m about to end yours
As the quiet king of Morioh
You know I’m territorial

My Killer Queen will make you ashes
For the crematorium like
Call it Bite the Dust
In your eye, I erupt

Don’t talk to me or my son
Your time is up

Come to me and end up like the last

You’ll need a back brace

King Crimson Deletes so if they see me

That’s a back space

Cleanin out my closet and my past

I’m on the last trace

So get between me and this 

And we’ll be needing mass graves

More balls than Josefumi

Have you seen the way I move?

Yeah I barely had to try 

To take out half the fuckin crew

So don’t be shocked when I arrive 

And then the many turn to few

Yes I’m many steps ahead

But now I’m right behind you

Discs filled with memories

Pucci church is now in session

Even with a weapon

Pray to God cause you will attain heaven

One question, do you believe in gravity? If not you’ll see soon

Wannabe heroes gotta go night night when they (see)C-moon


your stand a feather weight

no time to celebrate

White snake take shots with the accuracy

Counting prime numbers immaculately like yeah

From DIO’s diary that I rehearse 

Every hero meets their maker when I reset the universe

Better pledge your allegiance to the

Flag and then me

I carry this country like the 

Scars all on my back 

That you see

Sittin at the head of this table

Taking your napkin

You’re weak 

Wiping your smile off
My deeds got dirt on you
And they’re cheap
I only make the first move
You think I’m one that you’ll beat?
An American dream in another universe
I checked

You’ll die at my feet
Cause you will
Never stand up for this country
We’ll dominate over misery

You’re just the fakest news

Puttin spins on the best

President in history

Didn’t know I was the villain?
Kono Tooru da
Now your guts I will be spillin
When I turn my back on ya 

There’s a consequence
Got the guts to pursue?
It’s the world that you’re against

That’s the Wonder of USee the flow is a calamity
Chasing me’s insanity
Stub your toe and you know
I won’t be giving bandaging
Trust me, I’m a real doc
This’ll sting like a wasp
When I get my main Yasuho
Back on lock