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The jobros rap from the anime jojos bizarre adventure!
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jojo rap

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jojo rap produced by Tyler Clark 0:00

speedwagon rap by theeZERK 00:14

caesar zeppeli rap by Shao Dow 00:42

kakyoin rap by Mike Drop 01:15

okyasu rap by Mac Ro 01:51

bruno bucciarati rap by Jacob Cass 02:24

ermes costello rap by Stephanie Yanez 02:58

gyro zepelli rap by None Like Joshua

joshu higashikata song by Caleb Hyles

jojo rap video by EMM

jojo art by Peter Designer

Outro image by Brendan Churgin

Intro tag by Kainjyu

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jojo rap by None Like Joshua
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jojo rap


Used to be a thug got it out the mud

If you show me love in me you can trust 

Went from a goon to a tycoon

Built it wit my hands, no silver spoon 

Used to bring the hammer down got a blammer now

Got my bitch livin in glamor now 

You look out for me then you on the team

Make a phone call and I’ll bust you out of the slammer now 

If you need a whip then i gotcha

If you need a choppa I gotcha

If you need a helicopter I gotcha

Worried bout yo ops I got the guap to make it stop

Speedwagon got the green to buy anything

Anything from lean to a submarine

Just give me a ring tell me what you need

I’m livin the dream you know what I mean

Now you’re messing with a Zeppeli

And I’m armed with the sunlight energy

They can’t deal with the Kards

So they’ll rest in piece

Eff with me

And get your mouth washed out ‘til it’s lemony
If that’s your girl mind out if she’s left with me
Because you might find out that she

I’ve got a battle tendency

That’ll definitely

Tackle every

Hamon enemy

Pillar man fi get crumble

Bruk down to rubble

Knocked out in scuffles

Tossed out in puddles

Try hurt my bud and I’ll bust your bubble

With my final rebuttal


これは, 人間の魂だ! 

Tell ’em I’m the best Jo bro while the rest is mid So let me take my throne with an epic sit.

Voices in my ear made my sight unclear

Now I’m crystal clearing you on site 

You might think topaz, I like emerald splash

Bro I love that green, you’re more broke life

I’m the puppeteer how I pull these strings

Make my pawns adhere to what I like 

And you think you could fuck with the kid 

Better get your mind right 

Yeah I’m a teen at scene but best believe

I’m really mean and I’m always down

For the kill

My fit be clean my mind is keen

You envy me but you know you can’t

Match my will

Man fuck what they feel

Run up they get put to bed with the quill

All y’all should chill 

Only god could judge me

Only time could touch me

If this my last meal you could pass me the bill

I am the man, but I had a rocky (Araki) start 

Ain’t the lead of the band but I play my part 

All my friends and the fam yeah they see my heart 

I can give you a hand but I’m not that smart 


Just like pops I can get a lil toxic 

Hit that pose got hands in my pockets 

Drip like a faucet 

I’m the money man I plan to get profits 


Plant my roots I’m not a stray cat 


Type to fight I don’t lay back 


I cut time and space I don’t stay back

Ain’t no place you’re safe I’ll erase that

Thought from your mind 

Ain’t a JoBro but I’m one of a kind

R I P Keicho he kept me in line 

I let him down but I won’t this time!

Let me show you why I’m capo. Are you ready for this? I know I am

I’m the Capo. 

This bottled feeling will make a person wanna take the cap off

Man I never cared since I been a kid, they attacked my dad, so I snapped on em

You dont wanna problem, you should zip ya lips

And if they see a few zippers, you should call it quits 

I roll with a couple self-made swingers

Better ask the ladies why they call me sticky fingers

I can taste the lies. You can taste defeat

And I’ll show you pain, cuz I know the feeling

But, Need I mention? Punched Pesci’s 10 chins

And like Freddy Krueger, dropped from the ceiling

If you need a bodybag zipped up, that’s me

Who gave that boy Pesci nip/tuck? That’s me

Take a Ari Ari Ari, To ya body ody ody

Then I’ll end the whole story wit “Arrivederci”

And this Kiss is my license for revenge

You know I’ve got to spend, comin up with cash

See I rock the twins, doubled up my stash

Like  I’m sellin CDs if you want my tracks

Got em duplicating like fans of my rap

But not Limp Bizkit, just because we keep rollin
Keep rollin 

Me and my girls gonna stick together, I do it all for the Glori
Another boy wants me to solve his problems

With an ego like two heads on em

Stick em up now, or I’ll rip it off him

Want to throw hands? You know I got limbs

I want to rock and roll all night

If my Kiss is feelin soft
Stick it to the man I fight

This gonna sting when I peel it off

Go Go
It’s the Italian on a stallion

Quick like Ferrari, horsepowerin
On the track, cookin recipes ain’t a challenge

I’m the 1 with the formula, lap around them

Spit fire with the grills all where my mouth is

Get dyin to a holy corpse, kill with talent

Execute your whole corps when I’m still valiant

Till you meet Jesus for actin foulest

Who said my bars are cheesy? I’m better

When I can make it rain, cause I got the cheddar

Like mozzarella rella rella ay ay
Your balls I break

Now your girl is coming back and forth like it’s tennis

Spinnin all deez balls, 0 and Love for the menace
She can be my Valentine in another dimension
Me and bro walk away, try standing against us

I know I’ll win her heart

She wants me obviously

This one’s unforgettable

You hear the nut king calling

But then we fell apart   

Just let me fix all of these things

I’ll spend all that I got

If it’ll make you love me

Never giving up, I won’t let you go
Let you go

I could take you to a rock human showRock and roll
Call me to tighten all your nuts and your bolts
Nuts and bolts
I’m tryin to Superman that Yasuho