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Jojo pt 4 rap diamond is unbreakable (jjba amv) from the jojos bizarre adventure anime!
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►Jojo pt 4 rap : youtu.be/NN3Iu137qYA

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►Jojo pt 4 rap video edited by Heine Saetrevik:

►Jojo remix by Musicality
Youtube : www.youtube.com/yungjazz101

►Jotaro rap by Dread Yasuke:
Youtube : www.youtube.com/channel/UCeEPN3AxshmGF_QFVqwjluw

►Josuke rap by None Like Joshua:
Youtube : youtube.com/nonelikejoshua

►Koichi rap by JY Pucci Shawty:
Youtube : www.youtube.com/channel/UC4SQATsTIj5wCO7E1TxBjPg

►Yukako rap by Savvy Hyuga:
Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCh3U1hTQBOryiJAgwgN34Xw

►Okuyasu rap by Gr3ys0n:
Youtube : www.youtube.com/user/M80ninja18

►Rohan rap by Joey the Anime Man:
Youtube : www.youtube.com/user/TheAn1meMan

►Yoshikage Kira rap by CDawgVa:
Youtube : www.youtube.com/channel/UCPsZ_0SkFdi551iYTG04R2g

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►Jojo pt 4 rap by None Like Joshua:
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►Jojo pt 4 rap : youtu.be/NN3Iu137qYA

Synopsis: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (Japanese: ジョジョの奇妙な冒険, Hepburn: JoJo no Kimyō na Bōken) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable (Japanese: ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 ダイヤモンドは砕けない, Hepburn: JoJo no Kimyō na Bōken Daiyamondo wa Kudakenai) is the third season of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure anime by David Production, based on the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure manga series by Hirohiko Araki. In jojo pt 4, jotaro meets josuke to stop kira in this jojo adventure. Jojos bizarre adventure has many jojo memes for jojos bizzare adventure. This jojo anime does not have dio in jjba diamond is unbreakable, and comes before jojo golden wind pt 5. If you like to watch jojos bizarre adventure online, the jojo theme, jojo op, or jojo songs, this is the best anime


Jotaro (Dreaded Yasuke):

Ora ora ora when I come in

Ain’t taking no orders, need to punch in

It’s the only way I think I need to function, 

Anybody can get it with no assumption

Going the speed of light, leaving stardust, 

And the one the ladies like more than starbucks

If you needing me to fight, I’mma post up

I’mma hit you so hard, make another dub

808 style, ain’t nobody telling me to 

Keep a low profile, that’s a parody

If you gotta unbreakable flow getting broken open

Screaming in pain like Joseph (Oh my God)

I don’t want a gold star, make it platinum 

My fist cracking on your face like a magnum 

Now you gotta walk around with a little spasm 

Ghost ride my fighting style with a phantom

Josuke (NLJ):

Look at me, shining like a diamond

Hair so fly, you don’t like it then we fightin

Saving everybody from dyin

when I be striking right into their heart

And then I revive em like I’m rewindin

Ladies got to know, I don’t spend on the typical

If she want a baby, it better not be invisible

Like my dad was, so to me, no he isn’t cool

Some things in my life just ain’t fixable

You look weak, don’t take another step

If you tryin to find beef, be afraid of the chef

Make you bleed, you flee the scene, runnin out of breath

All I need is to retrieve the blood that you left

to find you

Taking out killers from everywhere

Bringing peace and love to Morioh, evil doers despair

Now your face is looking broken, and I won’t give you repair

Cause what the f*** did you say about my hair?


Diamond is unbreakable

And we’re shining like we’re jewels

Villains killin out of hate

Morioh Warriors bring em to the gate

Diamond is unbreakable

And we’re shining like the jewel

Golden arrows set em straight

Duwang gang will bring em to the gate

Koichi (Jy Pucci Shawty):
far from a regular student

5’2 but your boy be a unit

go after my family I dare you to try

and if you wanna know why

I’m a reliable guy

look in my eyes

act 1 bringing the noise

I don’t play around better recognize

act 2 how could I ever lose

a fwoosh and dogon got you on the move

one of the chads of the morioh gang

just ask yukako she’ll say “oh dang”

try to piss me off then Im bout to flip my sweeeeeetch

echoes act 3 lets kill da hoe beeeeeeetch

if you say that words can’t hurt then you never met me

i would push weight on an enemy

my stand personality manifests from my soul

when Im fighting for my homies man it never gets old

Yukako (Savvy Hyuga):

Baby why you running?

All these other girls nothing

Better watch where you look 


The way you got me feeling

Like my heart is always is gunning

I see y’all  talking ……

you don’t mind if I cut in

Do you feel it constrict?

Maybe I should take off your limbs

Can you tell that I’m pissed

get the gist with a twist

He’s cute so you couldn’t resist….

But like I told you once


Tell me baby do you love the submission?

Or the craziness I’ve been driven

See I gave you my confession

But nah you didn’t listen

For some reason now you trippin

Gonna end up going missing

That’s your choice we could be kissing

Now as your heart rate fades

watching you suffocate 

I got an obsession I gotta  maintain

But you got in the way now you all pain

I hope you learned today

I’m not the one to play

Okuyasu (Gr3ys0n):

It was just my brother n me 

before I ever met the team we were going thru beef

until I seen my older bro get shocked in the streets

it’s shocking to me didn’t get a chance to weep 

I’m far from weak 

honestly I’m so OP 

and with a chain on my neck I’m a straight OG

One swipe of the palm will make u disappear

Don’t ask where you’ll go cause I don’t know where 

Never met a stand who can stand the hand

From one good touch you’ll be gone fam

Heard about Kira I am not a fan 

If I see him on the block it’s his last dance

I beat death like twice 

and I roll with josuke cause he treats me nice

Already know that I’m slow but I’m quick in a fight 

Beating all opposition cuz we doing what’s right

Rohan (The Anime Man):

“I draw comics cuz I wanna be READ!”

You muthafuckas are dead

Pour rhymes on the page of Heaven’s Door

Boy looking sharp like a shade of Pink Dark

Mark the page of your death, I’m the unbreakable gem

Flip my Gucci bag in the blank halls of the Louvre

I’m a mangaka first, a gentleman number two

Chasing Sugimoto in  the streets of Morioh-cho

Chose flows slicker than the last JoJo show!


Koichi getting on my nerves

Stab a spider imma snack up like its hors d’oeuvres

I’m more deserving of quiet life than Kira

Finna kill a man with Josuke; he’s mah… boy

Destroy every stand that comes forth

Pen game strong, ripping lead and Thus Spoke

Kishibe Rohan: Natural Phenomenon

Call upon the supernatural masterful echelon

Kira (CDawgVA):

My name is Yoshikage Kira

I’m 33 years old, but here’s a


Now, let me give you a hand

Wait, not hers, the one from my stand

– Killer Queen rules over all the land

with mines you die by my command

Hide in plain sight, that’s what I planned

Try and disrupt my life, I’ll be damned!

Sorry, got a new face, who’s this?

Talk to my dad, let him take a few pics

of you and your clique, then I push the switch

and I definitely won’t call an ambulance

Hm, are you gonna Bite the Dust?

Let me check my fingernails, finely cut

Stay quiet, you don’t want to fight with us

Let it out the bag, the cat lights you up

once again


Diamond is unbreakable

And we’re shining like the jewel

Villains killin out of hate

Morioh Warriors bring em to the gate

Diamond is unbreakable

And we’re shining like the jewel

Golden arrows set em straight

Duwang gang will bring em to the gate