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Visored rap (bleach amv) from the anime bleach!
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Vizard rap

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Bleach video edited by k2:

Bleach remix by Musicality

Shinji rap by None Like Joshua

Kensei rap by Sl!ck

Hiyori rap by Sophiadere

Love Aikawa rap by Shao Dow

Rojuro rap by Baker the Legend

Hachigen rap by Gameboyjones

Mashiro rap by HalaCG

Lisa rap by Twisted Savvy

Ichigo rap by Rustage

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Vizard rap by None Like Joshua:
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Vizard rap:

Synopsis : The Visored (仮面の軍勢 (ヴァイザード), Vaizādo; Japanese for “Masked Army”; Viz “Vizard”) are a group of Shinigami that have acquired Hollow powers. Following the battle at the Fake Karakura Town, they have become central combatants against Sōsuke Aizen and his Espada. If you enjoy the bleach anime, bleach ost, bleach opening or op, bleach ending, this is the best anime.


Shoulda dealt with Aizen 
when I was the one near him most
Seeing through the lyin
Like hyenas make him fear the droves  
Yeah we come surprising
Got him lookin like he’d seen a ghost
Not afraid of dyin
Cause we died 100 years ago
Bankais dispersing and you’ll
Regret these curses
Turn the world upside down
Now he nervous  
Krow t’nod snoisulli ruoy yrros
Ya heard?
I put my thang down
Flipped it and reversed it

69 tat but I’m no snitch mayne 
Ain’t no talking only thing that I can say
Run up on me poke you up with the switch blade

Uppercut you with these fist til ya chin break

Bitch I bare-arms like this tank top

Shikai like a ka-mehameha 

He a Vizard hollows in his face I-

Let it rip I got a bae with a blade haaa!

Short and red, but I’ll pop dudes
Like a firecracker with a small fuse

You can forget the captain, he’s awful
I don’t even need a sword, when I got shoes

Only way to win is to carve and bruise

Whether friend or an enemy, it’s all abuse
Hollowfied, mask on, can’t stop the crew
But I’ll kick their ass if they start to lose

I appear in a mask that’s fitted

Tell your missus that a hero only last three minutes

Bare hand, rip a Menos apart

I’ll block a Cero and laugh

And now I’m gunning for Starrk

So don’t worry ‘bout my Bankai

Cause you can die

From the Shikai

And Tengumaru’s begging to slam guys


Destroy and crush

And if you Love Aikawa you can join the club  

Young Rose out the concrete

I use tricks not techniques 

And my bankai got melodies 

So strong make you think you in the sea

Fingers move but ain’t no piano

Kinshara catch em by the ankles 

Visored Chief leave em with a halo

Like a thief, taking hearts for show

Mask on when we slay foes
Too sick with the blade though
We don’t do it for the pesos

It’s revenge for betrayal yo
Mask on when we slay foes
Hollowfied so you drain slow
Bankai make em lay low

Now your eyes gonna stay closed

Jack of all trades 

Who is you kidding 

I know techniques 

That are surely forbidden 

My Kido 

Don’t reload 

I got that extension  

I’ll send your whole body 

To other dimensions  

Big man on campus 

You know that I’m bout it 

Don’t think that I’m soft   

Cause I’m built like some gelatin 

Let’s not forget that I took out a “god” 

And it only took one arm 

To blow up his skeleton  

Sting like a bee but I’m not the one who dies from it

Hair so unique, in the limelight, catch a shine from it

Monster defeat, with the feet, call it dirty tricks

Fast it’s a low blow when I’m up there with that SUPERKICK

Got the hollow mask, can outlast, almost anybody

Badass punches, hand to hand, and they’re feeling sloppy

Stomp on em, random, tantrums, leave it to me

Superhero-like, showtime, bring a VICTORY! yea

Don’t interrupt my hentai or it’s on sight

I’ll be at my haven till I need to fight

Now swing both ways from the left, from the right

End ya life from a smash of a dragonfly

One step, two step bout to get ugly 

Thousand page wholesale, never step to me

Hit em with a tornado, flash my panties 

Mask on, let’s turn this into a frenzy 

Guess who? 

Cut with a clever i leave a

Flesh wound

Bless you

Hollow inside of me like


Next move

Bring a bankai 

Then i’m godlike 

In the spotlight

When i’m ripping through the refuse 


How i’m gonna bring that iron


Shunpo how i’m fast like lightning 

Theses guys

Put the mask on like tribesmans

Smack across a mountain

Drop a body like aizen

Mask on when we slay foes
Too sick with the blade though
We don’t do it for the pesos

It’s revenge for betrayal yo
Mask on when we slay foes
Hollowfied so you drain slow
Bankai make em lay low

Now your eyes gonna stay closed