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See the

Evil rise

You know this world needs our healing

and whether death or life

I will be

I will be

Right by your side

Fought for good, but the war raged on

fallen comrades and loved ones gone

It all felt dark, like I lost my spark

then I met you, it was like the light of dawn

heard my plea, said you were like me

death of siblings our common loss

but with your drive, their hope survived

we’d fix any problems we come across

death all around us
we found a way then we found love

War and powerlust
but I wanted peace without blood
Now we climbin up together on this mountain
To be hokage for the future of our sons

We came together, Sad Circumstance

Wasn’t looking for love, but I took the chance

Heart on the line, but it took no time for

death to bring end to our romance

just 1 mission, and a bad decision

drown in problems i was handling

sunk in the mud, couldn’t stop the blood

I was never any good at gambling

Wanted to defend the village with you next to me

This necklace that you let me keep
I held it deep

The war goes on regrettably

I bled to death, never left in peace

for you it ended everything
Forgive me then, for the misery
my sprit sent to set you free

It’s been so long, and my love stands strong

But in my mind, know I’ve been running.

can’t face the fact, that you won’t be back

fight it, slight it, hide it somethin’

hide the pain – but I can’t forget

Your last few words left me with regret

and saw your eyes, you don’t wanna die

It was all my fault, paid a last respect –

Thank you for all that you’ve done

Shizune’s only guardian
Overcoming all your fear of the blood
and now you don’t have to run

Take all my chakra and love
I’m glad that I saw you this once
even if it was reanimation
I wanted to see the woman you’ve become

You gave me hope when I couldn’t cope

you gave me strength like my hundred seal

I poured my heart into my ninja art

I’d make a difference and start to heal So I changed, I learned, I strived, I grew creation rebirth, I upped my jitsu

became Hokage, and led the right way

and fought to make sure your dreams came true

I can’t lose you with our fam and friends

you’ll pull through, we can’t suspend

gave you life to the very end

You lived everything that I had dreamt
But you’re my dream, I need you to live as long as you can
I’ll see you on other side, until we feel this bond again