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BLEACH RAP “Betray” | Aizen, Gin, Tosen | NLJ, SWATS, Baker the Legend prod. Tha J-SQUAD

The bleach rap from the anime bleach!►Apple, Spotify, more: fanlink.to/betray ►See Me Live: nonelikejoshua.com/shows ►Subscribe and Tap the Bell: youtube.com/nonelikejoshua?sub_confirmation=1 ►Watch more bleach rap: www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBtFBI904k4&list=PLHhPJV1K0QZTeERjAwtZ56GLe2TJXmfWQ&index=1 Who’s watching the new Bleach Thousand year blood war? Share it up if we should do more Bleach raps like this! bleach rap►youtu.be/sSgHXD-D3GI bleach rap video without advertisements►www.patreon.com/posts/73581569 – tosen […]