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None Like Joshua has worked with brands like SEGA, Playstation, Ubisoft, Calpico, Tencent, Displate, Nutaku, The Otaku Box, and Raid Shadow Legends. He’s even had a song featured in the mobile game, Garena Free Fire. Clearly, NLJ has a knack for promoting music, gaming, and anime brands that align with his image. What reels the audience to these products is not just that it’s gaming or anime, but the way NLJ delivers the promotion to his audience. From hilarious, comedic skits and photos to creative, catchy songs; the audience stays interested in the brand because they have no idea what to expect from Josh in any promotion. Check out his past promotional works below to see if your product or service needs something that will have heads turning and people laughing or singing.

Choose from different promotional options for different budgets:


NLJ can also advertise your brand at one of his many concerts around the country. E-mail [email protected] to discuss more details.

Pre-Roll Advertisements

Pre-roll advertisements are 30-70 second advertisements that play before None Like Joshua’s official music video releases. NLJ’s audience will usually watch the entire pre-roll advertisement for its comedic surprises and entertaining banter to increase brand awareness. A post-roll would have the advertisement play at the end of the music video. Check out these examples

Soundcore Pre-Roll Ad

U-Tip Pre-Roll Ad

DEdicated Advertisements

Dedicated advertisements are 2-3 minute videos that solely advertise the product or service. Josh’s audience tend to click on dedicated ads knowing they will be hilarious or creative and are generally interested in learning more about the brand. None Like Joshua can make entire music videos that’ll have the chorus stuck in any listener’s head. He can also make entire comedic skits about the product or service, or even do a mix of skits and music videos. Check out these examples:

GenShin Impact music video

Raid Shadow Legends Music Video


None Like Joshua can also advertise your brand on other social media sites as a dedicated video or set of photos. Check out these examples:

Anime Gear Instagram Post

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by NLJ🎤@ Wasabicon in FL 10/16 (@nonelikejoshua)

Totino’s Assassin’s Creed Twitter Ad