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The blue exorcist rap from the anime blue exorcist!
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Who’s a Blue Exorcist fan? NINJ3FF3C7 sent me this beat in 2018 and I asked Baker the Legend to be on it back in 2020. It was time. Leave a thumb and let me know in the comments below what we should rap about next!

Blue exorcist rap

Blue exorcist rap video without advertisements

Yukio rap by Baker the Legend:

Blue exorcist rap prod. by NINJ3FF3C7

Blue exorcist rap mixed and mastered by Tyler Clark

Blue exorcist video by EMM

Blue Exorcist album art by Peter Designer

Blue exorcist thumbnail by Shoutotdrk

Blue exorcist chorus by Through Dreams and Distance

Intro vocal by Kainjyu

Outro image by Brendan Churgin

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Rin rap by None Like Joshua:
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Blue exorcist rap:

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Listen my brother 

Let’s make the others remember this

You can perish or repent

I’ll call it the genesis

Born in sin, but I ain’t leaving like this in exodus

Call it exorcizing, running tracks around the devilish

For the hell of it 

Tell me

What’s a pastor to an exorcist?

Blue flame eyes 

But you probably think I’m heaven sent

With the way my weapon ends my enemies

I impress my friends

But the fire coming off the top of my head offends

Then they sweat

I think I had a revelation

No love for Satan

And like the lake of fire 

My guns blazing

Cause their fate is sealed

You got the steel? 

They don’t want this blade if

I reveal

Spin the wheel

That’s the sound of my heart racin

Demons running around my head

Now the fire will burn them all

Show the devil who’s come for him

Sons of agony brought your fall

Since I’m burn resistant

No hell in my vision

I got em in my sight 

Then my bullets give him stitches 

I’m fixin to hurl em straight

To Gehenna

For their world of hate

They wishin I send em to the pearly gates    

Ain’t no way

I’ll school em all so I 

Guess that makes me the boss

Wanna box with God?

I’ll show them the true cross 

I’ve been through loss

But I aint losin to who’s dark

Even with devils on both shoulders

You know that I choose heart

You demons couldn’t stop me with my

Rifle or my bible

You see a exorcist but I’m 

More of a disciple

Mind you let me try to

Save you and guide you

Sort of like Christ do

Follow no other idol 

Like Hollywood and waifus

My oops

That’s divine truth  

Scaring my rivals

That’s why they’d like if I was suicidal

I’m not the guy who decides to

Die, but when the time’s right

I’ll draw like it’s high noon

And fight dudes

Who try to take the life of my crew

There’s fire all around me, I’m cool

They talkin behind me

That’s why satan’s looking right inside their eye’s view

But my brother got him in his sights too

Don’t test me

I’ll pass that exam so 

Whenever I smack a demon 

It’s with the prayer hands 

Hands up

If you comin at us

Tryin to make demands

Illuminati can take the land

But my soul remains standing

Demons running around my head

Now the fire will burn them all

Show the devil who’s come for him

Sons of agony brought your fall

Young dragoon

Y’all better act soon

Don’t interrupt my sermon 

When you’re in my classroom 

As outcasts who

Outclass you

You gon learn today

To say “Not today, Satan.”

As we blast through

With a slash and boom

I’m not fully holy 

But this my testimony

Son of a devil but I’m free now

He doesn’t own me  

We belong to no being

They remain possessed

I bring the steam that rise  

From the water

As they wait to be baptized

Don’t hold your breath

We faced persecution

Still wasn’t losing

They tried to cancel me

I came back

More ruthless!

Demons running around my head

Now the fire will burn them all

Show the devil who’s come for him

Sons of agony brought your fall