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The demon slayer gigachad song from the anime demon slayer or kimetsu no yaiba
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Decided to make a Demon Slayer training rap with the Gigachad theme! Inspired by all the gymbros out there gettin their gains. Comment your favorite part below, share it and follow everyone involved!

Demon slayer rap

Demon slayer rap video without advertisements

Demon slayer gigachad song by None Like Joshua

Demon slayer gigachad song feat. Tre Watson

Demon slayer gigachad song prod. by Tyler Clark

Demon slayer video by EMM

Demon slayer album art by Peter Designer

Outro image by Brendan Churgin

Intro tag by Kainjyu:

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Demon slayer rap by None Like Joshua
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Demon slayer rap


Oh yes I need to be trainin

Cause all of my demons need slayin 

They screamin I must be mistaken

See me walk away without elaboratin

Flexin like I’m Tengen, they hatin

Respectin all my women relations

Sensin the envy remainin

I press em all like the bench when I got to strengthen

Got the biggest blade and it’s all mine

Sharper than the shape of my jawline
You can find me online 

All eyes on a Giga

Lookin like a buff Nezuko as a tall guy

Shorties lookin up to me, no I ain’t a fall guy

Enjoying everything on my own time

Not a fanboy with a lost mind
Why you sound like Zenny?

Feel the pain, do not whine

But if you need a spotter, call my hotline

Can you feel the water when I breathe in?

Even on the weekend, that’s all I’m drinkin 

Eatin macros, ain’t consumin like a weakling
Stop eatin shit, mind and body finding peace then

Prayin for my demons when I can’t feel their heart  

Tryin to rip mine out, like Rengoku was harmed  

But they can’t cause I’m lookin like esoteric art
Show you my PR

Show you my PR

Show you my PR

Look at all the gains

Check the gains we’re posting

Changing through the pain

Now look as I

Show you my PR

Hatin got me flexin, made me stay just like Inosuke

Never carin what the rest say when they all post hate

Demons will regenerate their limbs, so I’m never skippin leg day

To run my own way

A set of reps and stacks on racks are over here

Check out all the ceps, I could push or pull your career but

You never want to work harder for results over years

you a virgin Gyutaro, so I’ll never be full of fear

I’m the boulder that Tanjiro couldn’t cut

Statuesque see the way that I’m building up

You can’t feel my heart through these pectorals 

I’m a perfectionist and my abs leave you on stunned

She like Daki want my protein and my enzymes

Asking can she marry me, wanting to start comparing signs 

I don’t do interviews, I ain’t tryna give me less time 

Got enough dumb belles I’m carrying my whole life

Can you hear the thunder when I’m breathin?

Got to do some cardio running from all these demons

Then I’m back to lifting up everybody that needs it

None of it’s heavier than seein my family bleedin 

Prayin for my demons when I can’t feel their heart  

Tryin to rip mine out, like Rengoku was harmed  

Let’s slay them all now before they tear us apart, and

Show me your PR

Show me your PR

Show me your PR

Look at all the gains

Check the gains we’re posting

Changing through the pain

They’ll look as you

Show me your PR