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I’ve seen things that would burn in your eyes
Learned over time that fortune defines
Fate will endure, what’s the purpose to try?
The future ensured, we’re certain to die

Look at the permanent curse on my mind
Main house Hyuga irked me inside
Birthed as a servant for their sacrifice
They coercing my father to offer his life

ain’t no breaking limitations when my fate is
to be forsaken, enslavement: it never changes, I saw my father
in anguish for debating on my place within the
branches of the clansmen
I was standin and just panickin
but can I be a man again?

Blinded by the grief, I began to hate weakness
Anyone defeated, I repeated “just cease this”
Hinata and Rock Lee – I treated them like feces
but thought I was a genius

Don’t come close to me
I’ll push you away
Seeing everything
like my destiny

Locked inside this cage
Will I fly today?
To my place in the sun, let me choose

hit em with a gentle fist
when they can’t defend against
detrimental palms revolving heaven
don’t resist
cause you dreamt that you would get
to the top but I stop your chakra flow
I meant it when I said that you should quit

I’ma watch you fall and then you’ll give in
I saw it from afar within my vision
till Naruto stomps my competition
I didn’t win

now I’m starting to see I was wrong
in the dark, I was lost while I reached for his palm
that the stars in the sky could be easily altered
Hiashi revealed that the choice had been made by my father

Vow to protect all my clansmen and comrades
Hinata, the Leaf, but my fate is in my hands
The stronger I’ll be for my sake and all my friends
till my end

Don’t come close to me
I’ll push you away
Seeing everything
like my destiny

Locked inside this cage
Will I fly today?
To my place in the sun with you