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you don’t know my pain
but I could show the way
Told you that we’re both the same
In a world we loathe and hate

Back in the older days
before I was a protégé
Soldiers came, holding blades
Parents’ blood, slowly drained

Call it my only fate to
Wander in the coldest waste
Fall into a hopeless state
The friends I made I solely thank

I was home and safe
but we always stole and ate
till Jiraiya coached and trained
My eyes when I awoke the Sage

No more crying
like a child, cause I got to grow in strength
They all dying
when I fight em, Rinnegan explode their brains
Finalizing Akatsuki
now we rising
Up against shinobi ranks
till the day that I died inside
when he lied and we saw Hanzo betrayed

Yahiko was thrown away
on his own and slain
for Konan’s sake
there was no escape
I was so ashamed
Watch me go insane
every hole a grave
now it’s war I wage and our
Goals would change
if you don’t obey
When I pour that rain
then your soul I’ll take
and you’ll know my pain
no pain, no gain

Almighty Push
Universal Pull
We are drawn to the hate no matter what you do

Almighty Push
Universal Pull
I can give or take your life if I wanted to

Yeah – I make it rain on these ninjas
Stacking bodies on bodies
I’m taking over this village

yeah – I take these souls from these ninjas
when they searching for peace
but the pain makes em bitter

Naruto, you a younger brother from another mother
If you want to come with us, we’ll be the ushers of a just world
no one’s got to struggle ever suffer, but – if you rebuff it, I won’t stutter when I summon my
attack dog
just when it’s dead
another head is coming back on
Rasengan? I’m absorbing all your chakra
Now you paralyzed when I hit you with the black rod
Ask them why I’m that god

I’ll level this place
planetary devastate
I’m tryna fill you with hate
Hinata, I’ll kill and I won’t hesitate
Remember Jiraiya our sensei the late?
it’s your tailed beast state
jinchurikii for keepsake
if you want peace, great
war will never decay
till the leaf pay)

Asura Path faces on every side
Now there’s no place that you can run and hide
Tongue for the taking if you tell a lie
Interrogating, I’m reading your mind

Firing missiles when I mechanize
Just when you wishin that one of us died, the
king of hell risen then Pain is revived
with my Rinnegan eyes

Releasing the yang when I’m taking a form
And I’ll beat you in sage mode, I slaughter your toad
No I’m not a projection, I can teleport, but
You think I feel damage when I’m just a corpse?
from Naraka to Asura, Deva, Preta, Human, Animal, Outer of course
And you know that my pain will be greater than yours
it’s greater than yours


Feel the Pain
Think of Pain
Accept Pain
We are Pain

Feel the Pain
Think of Pain
We are God
Know the name