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►Album Art by Heine Sætrevik

►Beat produced by NINJ3FF3C7:
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All men are not created equal
This was the reality I learned at the young age of four.
And that was my first and last setback
Until he told me
Dreams can become reality
You can become a hero

hear them laughin, sure I’d never have a quirk
That my passion isn’t worth it no matter how hard I work
some are casually normal, few have power since their birth
but I’m never lackin courage, see I’ll smile when it hurts

mind of a superhero, but my body goes berserk
so I’m Writing all of my notes and utilizing what I learned

I’ll show you all yeah I thought already told ya
go beyond
Plus Ultra!

Call Backdraft
cause you know I brought the flame
No response, like I was Hitoshi bout to wash your brain
Flow is colder than Todoroki’s shoulder to his father’s name
I’ll Endeavor long as All Might is here to garner strength
then I’m ballin like Mineta on the top of Mt. Lady, post your photos on my page
Blowin up more than Kacchan’ll rage today
Showin off with the Present Mic and these 808s
I’ll show you all, yeah I thought I already told ya
Go Beyond! Plus Ultra!

Bustin arms, how do I control it now?
this One for All power got me goin down
I look around and wonder if I’m meant for this
but I remember when I dreamt as a kid like
I just want to be a hero, not a crowning
I just want be a hero that the town needs
I just want to be a hero but you doubt me
Now you bout to get that Full Cowling

see me goin hard like Red Riot or the Real Steel
I’m throwin arms, Recovery Girl’s the finest if you need to heal
You see the deal
Rappers need a nap because Eraserhead is canceling your whole career
Never got a reason to be sleepin even if my lady want to tell me that it’s Midnight over here
0 to 100 like Ingenium
Heroes want to run from Stain’s tongue
but I ain’t afraid of my blood
Cause I got the strength to overcome
I’ll show you all, yeah I thought I already told ya
Go Beyond! Plus Ultra!

– Sicker than Ochaco when she vomits glitter
Paparazzi takin pictures, cause Invisible Girl’s my stripper
You got arms like Tentacole, but I’ll stop you with my finger
my mind is quicker than a Gunhead on the trigger
MCs will scatter cause Kurogiri delivered a monster like I’m Nomu but only bigger
you know my squad when the League of Villains roll up
Shigaraki’s palm couldn’t even hold us cause we
Go Beyond! Plus Ultra!

Rappers speak in tongues like Froppy with a weird flow
Soundin dumber than Kaminari shocking his cerebrum
but you listenin to a hero on your earphones
like Kyoka Jiro, put my heart in with a clear tone
Admire Momo, cause what I produce – you’ll never know
see the writing is my tool and I pull it from soul
Call me Deku, yeah I thought I already told ya
Go beyond
Plus Ultra!