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Should I make more like this?
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me vs everybody

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Me vs Every Body produced by Cessir

Me vs Every Body mixed and mastered by Tyler Clark

Me vs Every Body rap video by Rixhi:

Me vs Every Body Art by Peter Designer

Intro tag by Kainjyu


Okay it’s me versin every body up in this rap shit

Call it body language cause I’ll body ya with the facts I spit
Write a body, ain’t no intro to this paragraph if

We grapplin like I’m Baki, look at my body, shut his trap quick
– No bodies at ya concert
Know you botting all of your numbers

While I put in all of the hard work, see the money get stacked in

Never needed to be a part of a student body at the Harvard

To see a fraud alert when you start a verse

And get to yappin

I feel like Madara, I’m dyin for some action
Kamikaze any squad who still be talkin in their chat with
All my opps, hear them gossip more than my last chick and

Post they cappin in their caption till I comment their address like

Knock knock knock
Surprise bitch

All that talk

Why you wanna fuckin walk your mouth?

When I run up

Bitch you shut up

Watch you droppin hard onto the ground

Take this knife out of my back

Harakiri, you a disgrace

That’ll be one less body

On my hitlist to erase

That’ll be one less rat

I don’t even have to race

Put him in the body shop

Somebody call the cops

He crashed before he could place

I ain’t done with you yet

Why you choose to be whinin?

That’s why I choose to be violent

After I die, it’s raphalla (fame)

Body count going up like a Viking

Told you the snakes will be hidin
Told you don’t let em divide this
You spoke to Satan for guidance

Won’t let you kill me like the body of Christ did

I could duck the whole fight

You move down to Florida, but scared it’s tucked tight

Like I’m putting you to sleep for good

Trust, that this gon be your last fuckin night

One punchline man to your body
Lights out
You rap like a will

So dark what you write down

Inhabitin your body but refuse to pay mind

Bitch no wonder that you got to go and use an AI

In the future, you won’t tell who rap and who create lies

First they made it, now they use it to track your body online

Fuck a RapGPT

Like a whack mc
Back from the 80’s
Lack personality

You robotty
With the way you

Slackin lyrically

Sound like everyone else

Another body in a mass grave, 6 feet deep
Cause I’m packin all the heat

Like in Miami, watch you flee

When I be shootin for a 3

Like 1 2,   

That’s facts my G

Now you back on the street

While I’m mackin on the beach like

Yeah she got a body oddy oddy ah
And she naughty with the bod
She want to act so thirsty

Cause I’m that body of water

She said blahdy blahdy blah
Just gimme dat bodily harm
She want to give me a body of knowledge

Straight from her bottom to the top

Now I just killed every body I know

Thought I was talkin about you? You slow

Only competition I got is my own –

Mind and body, I’ll abuse it at my show

Even co-produced this beat on a roll

So many sounds with the none like flow
Anybody sayin I don’t listen to rap? well

If you don’t know, now you know