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NlJ (commander shepherd):

It’s the commander shepherd
Aboard the normandy
I am the spectre
For this whole galaxy
Exploring the seas
– it’s the renowned n7
Yeah you found my team
Killin reapers is our talent
For the balance
Over thousands of years
They been countin
On us drowning
But now it’s
Time – to unify
Every race and every planet
Fight – to survive
Krogan turian salarian or human life
I’m a soldier that;s carrying you and i
My whole crew they know it’s shoot or die
Pushin you as a biotic through my mind
Renegade or paragon now tell me who am i?
Yeah you know that i’m a beast when the moon is high
Cause we landed on it,
Elements to
Improve my grind
Eden prime
To the citadel
Move and find
Any enemy who readily drew the line
We have to get through
The mass effect
Even if this mission is

Gameboyjones (garrus):

Gotta be saving the nation
I fix calibrations
I’m blue and i’m balling
Your aiming’s appalling
I’m grabbing the sniper
For killing this cypher
You know that i’m on it
Give me electronics
Everybody wanna be the best
And receive the crest
I work hard i don’t need no rest
C-sec man i seen the test
Mass effect
Saren never passed the check
So i got my job
And i got my squad
So it’s gonna be real gritty what i’m tackling next
So i said i’m gonna go
Put em in a hole
Fix up my teammates
I’ll take any role
Get in control
Garrus be blaring and blazing a path
But these people keep finding a reason for
Treason this season and finding the way to my wrath
Finding my target
I look through the glass
Cock it and aim it
There is no containment
The enemy’s gonna get hit with a blast

Fraser nash (mordin solus):

solus is soulless
They say this
I know this
I made up a plague
With intention to suppress
I guess that we missed
Cause the plan was a mess
they unleashed the virus
the turians transgressed
The genophage plague
Was now awake
Krogans no egg
To go and breed
All cause of me
i am sorry
Do i regret?
Yes, yet
It seemed necessary
But when is it just
To end a species?
I’ll make it up, some how and some way,
Even if it means
Dying to save
I got the brains
Plans come easy,
Salarian race rationality
Tuchankas the place
To do my duty
Shepard this is it,
It’s been an honor to assist,
I’m going to the top,
Don’t try to stop me,

Zach boucher (legion):
shepard has believed in
All that i have gave to them, and
All i am is metal pieces
Yeah these cords drip
But still am undefeated
Yeah i mean it
Just a geth with more intelligence, leave it
Some would say that i’m a keeper
I have fought through overlords and taken the reaper
I’m passive, i’m a believer
I’m blasting it through your speakers
I’m legion, my own leader

Defmatch (grunt):

Super soldier bred in a tank
Ready to bang you
Take out enemy tangos
Good with the angles
Bleed you
Leaving you mangled
Never seen it pure like me
Move lightly,
Headed to the angels
Break tables,
Slay you
Do whatever it takes to
Bloodline pure
Headed on tour now
Leaving everybody torn down
Going all out
Never fall out
500 pounds
Battlemaster call out
One life to live
One rifle tip
Take flight no licenses
Ignite this bridge

Daddyphatsnaps (thane):

thane the assassin, thanks for asking
Put you in a casket deaths amassing
Compassion? Not when i’m dispatchin
I want to smell the fear when your limbs unlatch
Been attached to the captain a righteous cause
To the light it calls, no need to take life for the highest cost
Now when i look at their iris when their highness draws
Till the light in my life is paused i’ll know
I did right and can rest easy knowing mindless brawls
Are the past now i kill with a purpose
And it makes me more dangerous
A retainer of trust the whole team knows my nature
Thus my claim to hush and i aim to snuff
And if you aim at us i’ll send a round through your membrane
And bust till the chamber’s stuck, and reload blast till remains are mush,
Killer thane erupts

Fabvl (harbinger):
armies will fall,
Shattered when they hear my name
Reaper robotics advancing across galactic domains
We aren’t the same
Humans lacking intelligence watch me put you to shame
Harbinger’s comin with flames
Take control we run it thats the name of the game
Steady aim everybody wanna beat it defeat it
But they aint even gettin all up in my way
not today, we came to play we’re mass effectin everybody listen up, ok?
I’ll crush a king and kill his dreams i’m never ever gonna fade away
I don’t really wanna be the one to boast but your messin with a legend
That’s severin’ they ain’t ever gonna see it that way, but right now we’ll bless em’ like a reverend imma end it all and then i’ll send it to the universe as a message don’t get offended when i tell you who the best is, that’s a lesson i’m testin controlling collectors, commanding battlefields
Call me a villain i love it, that’s just how the power feels
Darkness runnin through my veins i’m an angel of death
Obsessed and now i live inside your mind like the rest

Sharm (liara):
All of my life i have fought
I’ve survived
For my homeworld
My journey carries on
Gotta find those new biotics
Gotta new world to explore
I’ll bring my submachine guns
Do it for andromeda!
In my singularity
There’s a looming deep black hole
Denote won’t dissipate the memories in my sorry soul
Little wing

Bonecage (illusive man):

look to the future
With steely eyes to see a finer way
The genesis of man’s ascension
The birth of better days
Choice is an illusion
With the illusive man pulling all your strings
Accelerate the evolution of humanity
And the voice of a technological god
Screams to me and says why destroy what we can control?

Sharm (female ryder):

mm, floating, drifting
Through the sky
Hoping for a better life
Wake me up i will defend humanity until the end
Wake me up
Leading on to helius where we belong
Standing strong, stand as one
We’ll forge our path, our path, in the stars, ahh.

G yee (male ryder):
They call me ryder
In time you’re all gon remember me
i’m in my armor
I’ll meet head on with my enemy
With all this drama
Yall wanna flock to me desperately
But yall my people not sheep
So i wont be sheparding
I’m part explorer
Part soldier at war with my squad
Enforcing the orders the council
Formerly forced on my father
Told him to go to a farther
Zone than before
Now i’m out here
Focused i’m told that this ark
Is supposed to be home but
Its just not to us
Each move has a mass effective consequence
Tryna find a path but every
Planet out heres occupants
Are monstorous
My populace’s eyes on me like oculus
My missions only started
Tell em welcome to andromeda