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Never wanted to be the hokage
I was so blasé, writing novels all day
Watchin broads play but I longed for Tsunade
Story unfolds till I find a writer’s blockade

the toad said I’m vital to this arms race
a divine child waits in a cycle of all hate
despite the mistakes on the pages of my fate
but I’ll fight for his life‘s sake

Always had thought my destiny was to bring the peace
Fought to keep the legacy that I’ll be leavin for the Leaf
but I lost all the pieces of my life in defeat
at the cost of being pleased as I jot memories
like these

My sensei, Sarutobi, is deceased
And my best friend, Orochi, turning to evil underneath
So I send Minato all my deepest apologies
In the end, Nagato, taught me the things I couldn’t teach

As the failures grow
the writing flows
so you become
the chosen one for us

as I fall below
for those I loved
and won’t give up
cause you were like a son

Why is everybody at reunions
trying to execute this
Sanin when it’s useless?

I’ll prove it
oil from my mouth when I do spit
Summoning jutsu, Gamabunta got you disillusioned

Lock you in this, oesophagus of a toad cause I’m too sick
Sage mode chakra putting the Six Paths in bruises,
shootin a Rasengan, the battle chooses who wins
shinobis always live on, even if they’re losin it

Laying my life for the next generation
Faith you’ll be hokage, whether or not I make it
Writing my dying words, so you don’t have to feel this Pain that
I’m taking, then you can end all the hatred

Pushin to reaching your limit
And riskin my life for potential within
And I did it so you can be livin
equippin your future, but even with women

Now I’ve written every wish I never finished
You’re fulfillin, Naruto, live and write a new beginning

– As the failures grow
– the words will flow
so you become
the chosen one for us

– as I fall below
for those I loved
and won’t give up
cause you were like a son