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honkai star rail rap

honkai star rail rap by None Like Joshua

honkai star rail rap mixed and mastered by Tyler Clark

honkai star rail rap video by Fuse:

Outro image by Brendan Churgin

honkai star rail rap


As a musician listens to the notes of a song, so a poet listens to its rhyme… and in the flow of combat, a skilled swordmaster delivers both with their blade
I too was once shackled by fame and fortune

Impeded by bonds and loyalty

Yeah she’s cold as ice

Yeah she’s cold as ice

She’s going crazy

I see her changing

Like she was under a spell from the moon
Coming in phases

Watchin her fading
Darkness takin her over 

Like an eclipse I’m gazing

Starin at her till I’m blind

She put the blinds down
Better leave the room hasty

Sharp as a blade if

You gettin too close
Can’t let it go,

Like I was frozen
Can’t let her go

Like I was chosen
Thought you could take her?

You’ll be a ghost then

She wanted to be a star

But she can’t see very far

On a path of destruction

And you in the way like a wall

Yeah she’s cold as ice

And willing to sacrifice

Yeah she’s cold as ice

So someday you’ll pay the price

She’s going crazy
Goin off of the star rails
Her train escaping
Trails she blazin
But yo fire gettin stomped on
If she the one playin

Look at the stars

Guess it was fated 
Demons inside of her mind
She schemin to reach to the peak of her grind

Don’t be lookin for love here

Look in the trash, it’s easier to find

Tryin to make her fight by you

You gon be losin your life too
5/5 stars, yes she out your league, my dude

Two sides of the same coin

She don’t feel no pain or joy

A flower withering away

As it destroys
One look
They froze up

Mince meat

With the swordplay

That’s cold cut

Iced out

Cause she a diamond 

In her own rough

Yeah she’s cold as ice

And willing to sacrifice

Yeah she’s cold as ice

So someday you’ll pay the price