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Ichiraku ramen rap (naruto amv) from the anime naruto and naruto shippuden!
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►Ichiraku ramen rap : youtu.be/sJFA6hNNHtI

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►Ichiraku ramen rap by None Like Joshua:
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►Ichiraku ramen rap : youtu.be/sJFA6hNNHtI

Synopsis: Naruto (ナルト) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. Ramen Ichiraku (ラーメン一楽, Rāmen Ichiraku, Literally meaning: Ramen is the Best Pleasure) is a ramen restaurant in Konohagakure. Ichiraku ramen is in naruto, naruto shippuden, and naruto boruto. Teuchi is one of naruto characters in the naruto episode during naruto vs pain and naruto vs sasuke. Naruto and hinata went to ichiraku ramen. If you like to watch naruto online, the naruto opening, the naruto theme song, the naruto ost, this is the best anime

See what I’m whippin in the kitchen
You want the pork or the chicken?
This ain’t no cup of the instant
We feeding ninjas for the mission
No MSG for the fillin
My chakra in every bowl, never spillin
Best ramen in the village
Facts make stacks, so I make a killin

Extra helping Naruto to hokage
Yall treated him like shit
I am a day 1 to anybody
With the money for the broth drip

You got the green? I got the seaweed
You want the beef? I got the lean meat
My recipe? No one can beat me
Want the ingredients? I am too greedy

Sensei was master Jiraiya
But I left the force cause my calling was higher
My nindo is fryin this food in a diner
Call it my will of the cooking stove fire

I served the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth
Ask any lord, my ramen’s the shit
They tellin me every single ninja secret
Ninjas are eatin, they pay me to keep it

Ichiraku Ramen
Boil release till the noodle folds
Ichiraku Ramen
Call me the sage of the six bowls
Ichiraku Ramen
That’ll be 28 bucks
Ichiraku Ramen
To open 8 gates to your taste buds

Ninjas want to steal my formula
Takin my daughter till I fork it up
Now they got my eggs all boilin
I’ma chop em up like an onion

Naruto’s got my back
If you messin with the chef, then he’s on attack
He don’t need to pay the check, but I’ll take the cash
You know Pain got wrecked cause my place was smashed

Gave him ramen on the house, look where I’m at
Now he’s puttin Ichiraku on the Hidden Leaf map
This is gonna be the biggest monument to the world where
Naruto had his first date with the girl

Hinata, the champion of eating till there’s nada
After dinner here, he made her his babbymomma
She said “Me so horny” from my miso ramen, you can
Call me the Ramenkage if you wanna

Doin what I got to do for business, and there
Isn’t any soup for you, you didn’t want to finish
Or you skippin on the billin, you’re the one I’m chopstickin
To the wall if you don’t gimme my guap, you’ll be missing
Like Sasuke

#1 on the block is where I stay

Got the narutomaki on lock, that’s my taste
Think I’m at his wedding cause it’s gonna be a nice day?
Nah, mess with me, then you mess with the hokage

Ichiraku Ramen
Boil release till the noodle folds
Ichiraku Ramen
Call me the sage of the six bowls
Ichiraku Ramen
That’ll be 28 bucks
Ichiraku Ramen
To open 8 gates to your taste buds