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Kakuzu, don’t talk shit about Jashin
You’re too old to comprehend things that I preach
Already forgot the last time you fought me?
Go on and retire before your hearts seize

Jashin what a dumb religion
You can’t hang with me
Take this crucifixion
Seen your head was missing
On our stupid mission
Asuma Sensei
Cuts with good precision

Jashin, forgive me if I do not kill him
All I need is some blood when it starts spillin
Now you seethe cause I’m done with my body healin
and at least I wasn’t caught by my own village

Oh my god
I’m about to take the mask off
Always talking shit
That’ll put you in a bad spot
Hidan begone don’t start
You should never challenge me
You don’t even got the hearts

It’s the Zombie Combo
Don’t feel pain
like my body’s hollow
I want bread
I want the dead
Vices make us take your heart though

It’s the Zombie Combo
We the ones making Akatsuki hostile
I want blood
I want funds
Vices makes us take your heart though

It’s the Grimmest Reaper, Kakuzu, your time has come
Watch me step into the ring, you’re ending up like Asuma
I don’t need a strategy cause killin me’s impossible
Only reason that you’re here is sewin like my grandma does

You got put in a ditch, I aint having it
I Fought a whole group plus the protagonist
I’m so ravenous
And you know I’m about cash
Put a bounty on your head
Then I’ll take you out fast

Now now temper temper
Don’t be putting me inside your line of fire mister
Here have a gold coin, treasure for whatever
I’ll carry the team on my back for my elder

I’m already sick of this
Put you in a predicament
When I slice off your ligaments
And I’m not even kidding
Your body’s going all directions
Every little bit
Shikamaru section