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Snipe from my house on Loot Lake, ya injured
I’ll be the one shoot Drake and Ninja cause
you play like someone gave you ligma
– You aim like you try to take a picture

Just shoot
Shotguns make you scatter now you
Crawlin on the ground like a slave to a master
Only one alive, I created this rapture
in a song that you better play in the background

You play, like that SNL skit, it’s not funny
You always on your hands and knees, man, stop sucking
Make it rain V-bucks, I ain’t got money
See they always want to steal my loot, but I’m thot hunting

Bout to nerdout, dancing on your bodies
Crowd go berserk now commence boogie bombings
Blowin up, as a target when they’re launchin rockets
Bottoms up, group meeting for the shieldoholics

yeah we playin fortnite
so many wins that I got a divorced wife

yeah we playin fortnite
you only get laid cause your score is poor right?

yeah we playin fortnite
when I don’t play, I watch Fortnite porn sites

then I build with more height
watch em gather round like moths to porch lights

I build fast, putting walls on the border and
I will dispatch with a John Wick slaughter cause I
still kick ass with a pickaxe for torture
see you wish that – this map was smaller

It ain’t the Caribbean, what you dying from the storm for?
Too soon, call me Pewdiepie, when I’m vulgar
you play like your battle bus a bit shorter
You rage quit like an NPC cornered

new skin, who dis?
Left you in the dusty divot with a rift
Chillin in the mansion, treasures in the crib
Drove a Thanos Car with Infinity gauntlet

You in a grocery cart, cause you starving for a win
I’m in a golf cart on a Floating Island
You at the vending machine, can’t even buy a weapon?
Here, take a grenade for your suicide then

Trap’s set like Bowsette with a long spike
or a dude playin as Ramirez in fortnite
Your port-a-fort is lookin like a port-a-potty, hold tight
While I drop a stink bomb in it and explodes like

you see my justice is orange
smoke a hop rock, then I’m jumpin so far
sorry Dan, I know that they sucked so hard because
99 players, only one had bars, right?


Your career needs a launch pad
Hidin in a bush, so I see your camouflage bad
Sent you back to the lobby, that’s when u got mad
Takin all the L’s. How many? – I lost track

see me checkin out your Back Bling, girl, but
you ain’t got to act like that Clinger, I
Activate a Shadow Stone, have to leave her
cause I got a game of Fortnite, and that’s sweeter