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A little rap cypher with my fellow rappers from Figureless over a sick electronic beat by Arthur & Medic! Hit the Like & Share if you enjoyed. Thanks!

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I just want to be alive
You could never see the price
All we do is speak our minds

I just want to stay alive
You could never pay the price
Listen to the way we rhyme

– Go
till we get it to the pinnacle
a minute ago
you would never heard a syllable
in – vin – ci – ble
– I’m not
married to the maiden in the middle of a little world

– call – her luck
but enough is enough
there’s no such thing
[a voluptuous
lovely miss
what the fuck is this
you carry in your eyes

I’m very scary, right?
We bury every adversary alive
Cemetery for your very line of

The undertaker
Make a massive grave of haters
While you waited on a prayer
I just ate a Now & Later

[I banish you to a dimension
You manage to perish in seconds
standing on top where you’re resting
spat on your soul and I left it]

– just call it harsh
I’m a heartless
Shooting out
Every little synonym and killin em in a minimum of
A millisecond’s time

Somebody help I need a medic
I don’t know where my head is
I’m way too sick and feeling more than just a slight infection
I feel affection; holy lord i’m feeling copasetic
bitch you best to not forget it
bitches in my direction

we could go anywhere
we could go everywhere
finger in my mouth like i’m sitting in a dentist chair
there’s something in the air
the crowd is so aware
i’m feeling debonair
she feeling da-boner

I’m peaking fast because there ain’t no one in front of me
silly with the flow; willy-nilly as i want to be
willy wonka to the rap game–killing the children
I opened up the package and I saw my golden ticket ok

Rap in all caps, pocketing the four pound
Stormed the foreground and guess who has the floor now
Boy I been high, now I’m getting flown out
Klutz is all up in this bitch, your trash is getting thrown out
Oh wow! Shining on em think I’m So-Cal
My shit the tits so in a video I go wild
Off a little bit, like the half these things I pronounce
All about my cash flow, that capital that pronoun
Speak in tongues, the profanity is profound
Like my bitches china white, I’m practically a coke hound
Well that’s dope, but whose really gonna know now?
And you should know now, it’d be best for you to bow down
How now brown cow, been rhyming since I found out
Mary make breathe fire, dog I got a loud mouth
Oh so cereal, I’m waiting for the rim shot
Before your final burial remember that I am God

So let me share with yall my mission statement
I keep my diction sacred to brace opponents for disengagement
I hit the pavement running, looking for some separation
From the pack, gotta keep it going with my inspiration
I’m a figureless representation
The visual requires more than a rigorous imagination
I’m abstract like the start of scientific paper
And a lab rat, working til the odds are in my favor
I’m a Biochemistry major
And I don’t care about the opinions made by elementary haters
For the most part I got a calm demeanor
But I’m a strong believer in keeping it fresher than a laundry cleaner

So when I’m on the mic I come correct
Because I gotta prove a point and try to garner some respect
My rhyme scheme has some polysyllabic intellect
So it don’t surprise me that it’s probly a habit to hit the deck