Epic DnB Collab (The Aberrance – 8th Entity, Kubix, Greg Cooke, Jikes, NLJ ft. Zoe Moon, Veela, and Lambert McGaughy on sax)

Download: soundcloud.com/8th-entity/the-aberrance-ft-zoe-moon-veela-lambert-mcgaughy

An epic, jazzy drum n bass collab produced by 8th Entity, Greg Cooke, Jikes, Kubix, and me featuring vocals by Greg Cooke, me, Zoe Moon, Veela, and Lambert McGaughy on the saxophone.

This baby took almost a year to finish, so show some love by hitting that Like, Sharing it, and checking out all of our music! Thank you!

►Thumbnail and Album Art by: jordantuckerdesigns.tumblr.com

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Am I just a monster,
caught in a cage,

If I’m just you,
Minds’ in a jumbled haze.

If I’m me,
I’m just afraid.

With burning eyes,
I stare you down.

In a mirror,
That reflects only lies.

You’ve got it,
It’s up to you,

I’ve got it,
It’s up to me.

We’ve got it,
It’s up to us.

You are –
The epitome of the imagery
You wish it’d be
Living dreaming
In the vision you see

You are torn between the
Battle lines
Never satisfied
I just want to ask you why

While the world seems to pass you by
Half the time
You are hiding in the cabinet
Fastened with lies
– grabbing the glass
and shattering disguises

Have to find it

In a city scared of what I could be
You’re talking in percentages, habits, and opportunity
Bathe in scrutiny
And hope you’re still dreaming

Wake up feeling nice you breathe in
How’s it feel to stretch and finally be
When it comes back to me

You say
It’s up to me and you
And what we do will
In — flu –ence our life
But only what’s in sight will change your mind
so don’t leave me here to die

Who are you,
I’m you.

Looking back at me,
I’m you.

I just can’t see,
With this blindfold,

You’ve got it,
It’s up to you,

I’ve got it,
It’s up to me.

We’ve got it,
It’s up to us.

2023 © None Like Joshua - by Slide