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I wrote this poem for the literature club
I should’ve known with these hoes, I’d be killin em with love
because I sold my only soul, then fillin it with lust
I’ve – got – op – tions

Well Sayori paves the story, wait I’m worried
cause she’s late like every morning
made me join in this by cornering me

And then there’s Yuri, alluring her with my wording
She nervously reassuring me I’m flirting away her insecurity,

Then Natsuki has got to speak obnoxiously
with honesty. Kawaii thoughts I read, so I forgot she’s mean

And Monika, bringing the least amount of drama
but she’s
out of my league

Which one do I make my waifu?
Which one’s gonna like my haiku?
and which girl am I friendly with?
and which lady here is just a crazy bitch?

Which one do I make my waifu?
Which one’s gonna like my haiku?
And which girl do I save within?
cause we all know it’s a dating sim

Try to be polite to women
but they’ll be fightin for my attention
how to decide who I can help with
With the festival, when time is of the essence
and terrified that I’ll regret this
Go to load game

Should I make a move?
Who has got the greatest boobs?
No this aint a game for you
if you’re still in grade school

Reload and break the rules
Is it a dream? Fate is cruel
Yes or no? Save or lose?
I’m just tryin say you’re cute

Cause I can hear Sayori needs me
Feelin all of Yuri’s breathing
Natsuki, I’m surely reading
Monika be gossipin cock blockin
Droppin hints in arguments
and talking shit
she starts to sip tea, cause she’s thirsty



Cause Things are intense
I’m placing my fingers like we are not friends
who’s playing pretend?
I’m sending a text
to chill for the fest
they filled with secrets

but who is obsessed?
surrounded by girls but they feeding me stress
just get in my bed
Am I in her head?
I should’ve joined the anime club instead

can you hear the sound of my heart?
cause I can bring you out of the dark
tell me what you feel and how did it start?
Bout to get laid

You stand in the friendzone
I don’t give a damn if you depressed though
cause I’m one man, tryin to settle
and this ain’t a Nintendo

Do you bear an agenda?
Are you aware of getting meta?
I don’t know where I’ll end up
when she shares a confession

Error Error
Must’ve been too sentimental with her
Error Error
Must’ve let it get the best of her
Error Error
Can I make the one exception with her?

Cause the sweetest end tastes bitter



Which one do I make my waifu?
And Which one’s gonna break the script?
Which one’s gonna like my haiku?
Which lady here is just a crazy bitch?

Which one do I make my waifu?
Which girl to erase within?
Which one’s gonna like my haiku?
Cause we all know it’s a dating sim