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The demon slayer pillars rap or kimetsu no yaiba hashiras rap!
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►Video edited by K2SonicFan:

►Demon Slayer remix produced by Musicality:
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►Giyu Tomioka water pillar rap by Baker the Legend:

►Shinobu Kocho insect pillar rap by HalaCG:

►Sanemi Shinazugawa wind pillar rap by None Like Joshua:

►Obanai Iguro serpent pillar rap by Gameboyjones:

►Mitsuri Kanroji love pillar rap by Savvy Hyuga:

►Tengen Uzui sound pillar rap by Rustage:

►Gyomei Himejima stone pillar rap by Dreaded Yasuke:

►Muichiro Tokito mist pillar rap by Vinny Noose of Rockitgaming:

►Kyojuro Rengoku flame pillar rap by Tokumei:

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►Demon Slayer hashira pillar rap by None Like Joshua:
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Synopsis: Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba (鬼滅の刃) is a Japanese manga series by Koyoharu Gotōge. The demon slayer pillars (柱はしら hashira) are the top-ranked and most powerful swordsmen among the Demon Slayers in the Demon Slaying Corps who serve as its elite warriors. The demon slayer anime by demon slayer episode 1 is centered around the demon slayer characters tanjiro, nezuko, zenitsu, and inosuke. After demon slayer episode 19, tanjiro meets the demon slayer pillars or demon slayer hashiras. The hashiras include the flame pillar, insect pillar, mist pillar, sound pillar, stone pillar, wind pillar, love pillar, serpent pillar, and water pillars. The flame pillar is featured in the demon slayer movie trailer, where the demon slayer trailer shows the train arc. If you enjoy demon slayer cosplay, read the demon slayer kimetsu no yaiba manga, download the demon slayer online anime, demon slayer theme or demon slayer ost, or the demon slayer op, or watch demon slayer online, this is the best anime.


Baker the Legend:
I am a legend

Pillar of water

When I’m in battle

Don’t do no talkin
Tanjiro, listen, your sister a problem

I’ll let her live only if you stop her
With the demon slayer mark, I press him
You the beginning, I’m final selection

You think that I’m bluffin, you shouldn’t believe it
Ask what I did to that spider demon

I’m the insect Pillar
Instill a certain fear,
When ya hear that I’m still around
Dropping demons
Dripping poison
Don’t wanna test me, Im the fastest fighter they found.
I’m packing heat
When I’m beating you
Might be small, But I’m teaching you.
Not gonna cut no heads off, bets off,
No sweat at all when I’m defeating you.
Using the power of breath
My sting will stab right through
My insect breathing butterfly dance will be the death of you

None Like Joshua:
Scars from these demons makes me
Harder to be reasoned with
I saw my family bleed to death
My mom had planned to eat the rest, i’ll

Prove that Nezuko cannot resist marechi blood
And if Tanjiro is pissed, I’ll throw a whirlwind dust
Feel the gust, demon ash breezing past, no love 
Knockin the wind out of you
Hashiras show you how it’s done

Hashiras are coming so the 
Demons start running

If Oyakata summoned us
There ain’t no discussion
Hashiras are comin so the

Demons start running
While these rookies still strugglin

We just cut em like it’s nothing

Now that’s some high tier strength

And my blade will bite you

Like a snakes sharp fangs

The swordsman from slytherin

Bout to go get it in

Piercing the flesh

Now these demons are withering

We’re the pillars better watch your step

A fight with us is like you choose your death

Exterminate demons till none of them breathing

I want them gone until their ain’t none left

Savvy Hyuga:

Mitsuri the pillar of love that’s lookin mighty kawaii

Still trying to find a man that can be able to overpower me

You see me wield my blade with.extreme flexibility

6 styles to my breath amplified by muscle density

I’m comin’ at you quick with the shivers of a first love

Then skip the anguish I can shower you from above

Now I’m messin up my nails and we’ve only just begun

And i’ll end it with a breeze I’m not known for giving up

Bow down to the sound

Getting loud cus i’m proud

See my power overloading as it shakes the ground

Look at all these demons retreating when i’m around

Drop bombs like i drop bars for the crowd

Feel the rhythm, it’s hidden, but i can hear it

See my weapons, i’m spinning them and they fear it

Flamboyantly unstoppable, nobody coming near it

It’s over in a minute, the battles done when i clear it

None Like Joshua:
Hashiras are coming so the 
Demons start running

If Oyakata summoned us
there ain’t no discussion
Hashiras are comin so the

Demons start running
While these rookies still strugglin

We just cut em like it’s nothing

Dreaded Yasuke:
Better watch out when I roam

Only need Five forms for the tall Stone

Better watch your Tone or get down on the prone

My volcanic Rock going for the jawbone

Can’t keep a Blind eye too long, cause everybody grown

Til I Whip that flail on your lip, just the tip

Ain’t Nobody saying Hashira got no drip

I’mma Pray a little bit before I power trip

Vinny Noose:

Awaken the rage inside me

Tell me I’m serious I’m never smiling

Memory’s gone

But that’s all behind me

Breathing the mist in the form that I’m fighting

Master of the sword

Join the demon corps

Poison in my body made me better than before

Building up the rage

Flowing through my veins

Slay another demon watch the body fade away

You enemies better get ready to feel the breath of flame

I’ll bring the pain to those who are hating, lame

Oppositions can get it if you in my lane

I’m past insane, you’re messing with the tigers flames

There ain’t no escape from my purgatory

Will protect all my people till I’m old and boring

This burning passion makes me get up and go and

My flaming sword will burn you down to the bone

None Like Joshua:
Hashiras are coming so the 
Demons start running

If Oyakata summoned us
there ain’t no discussion
Hashiras are comin so the

Demons start running
While these rookies still strugglin

We just cut em like it’s nothing