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demon slayer rap, upper moons or twelve kizuki from the anime demon slayer / kimetsu no yaiba!
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Who’s your favorite upper moon / twelve kizuki from demon slayer / kimetsu no yaiba? Which verse was your favorite? What should we rap about next? Let us know in the comments below and share for more!

demon slayer rap

demon slayer rap without advertisements

kokushibo rap by None Like Joshua

demon slayer rap prod by Tyler Clark

doma rap by Jacob Cass

akaza rap by FreeSoul

muzan sung by Sam Sky

hantengu rap by ITZTraye

gyokko rap by KBN Chrollo

daki and gyutaro rap by Knight of Breath and Mac Ro

demon slayer rap video by EMM:

demon slayer art by Peter Designer

Outro image by Brendan Churgin

Intro tag by Kainjyu

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demon slayer rap

The Twelve Kizuki (十じゅう二に鬼き月づき Jūnikizuki?, lit. Twelve Demon Moons) is an organization of the twelve most powerful demons in existence who are under the direct command of the Demon King, Muzan Kibutsuji. They also serve as the main antagonistic faction of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

Jealousy is petty from a comrade
I don’t need no friendly when I’m deadlier in combat
Number one is ready for any thinkin “I can top that”
No you never equal, you lower, don’t do the wrong math

Welcome to our castle, the pillars about to fall back
We the gang of sinners, even the ladies are all bad
Wasn’t your team bigger? It’s thinner, now where they all at?
Made em disappear like magicians, you gettin sawed in half

Samurai code’s
How I handle my foes
See me stab and slice bones
And their eyes close
Ain’t a man I rival
Cause I can fight those
Never end’s what I chose
If I’m sellin my soul

When I’ll be done I’m leavin your body
Let em all watch you die like a martyr
Then they might fold
No one outdoin the moon when I move the
Breath that I hold
That’s on gang
And final

Bout time that “he ate” in this section
If he gon act like he “armed” to the “teeth”
Then I’ll “leg” go of holds and go Hannibal Lector
Aye, this shit too easy for me
But if I believed, then he’d get sent to the nether
Aye, and they know that I’m likin the source of my woman
And know they can never get fresher
I taste blood pressure
Might make Akaza aggressive

And they know that I’m cold
Cryokenesis when I start to flow
Eternal Paradise, they know the mode
Gamble like pair of dice, losing your soul
I’ll take a fan and then take her to go
There’s a reason that I’m numero dos
How is a demon out making some ghosts?
If they tryna jam, better tell em they toast

Bad times, yeah I’ve had few
This pain stick but no bamboo
For each crime a new tattoo
But just look what these hands do

look the drip, the bloods from you
Check the style like Soryu (sorry you)
I’ll do whatever I want, fuck a rule
Man I’ll face the heat like Rengoku

I can see the Fighting spirit in a stranger
If your weak then your in Danger
It’s just survival it’s the laws of nature
Take em to the grave and let em meet their maker

I don’t wanna think about the past no more
Been a long time but the wound still sore
Fist thru your chest thought you were blessed by the lord??
Nah, I’m the devil knocking at your ma fuckin door
Like join us

Blood is running down
Dripping on the ground
No escaping our world

Screaming for me now
Savoring the sound
No escaping our world

Crimson red infinity
All drenched in death
Breathes life in me

Blood is running down
Painted on the ground
No escaping our world

Upper Four up in this bitch now you will die
Cause you cannot predict how I feel inside
I’m always bottled up in my emotions
I pull with an army then I leave em all frozen

I’m the demon with all the different emotions
It’s time to head out and the set the plan into motion
Pull up with the gang and we crushing all our opponents
You slicing off my head then I come in different components

They cant mess with a demon with a fucked up mentality
Me and my clones will be causing some casualties
I pull up with rage then i show them brutality
I feel like Kevin Crumb with a split personality

I be cooking in the pot
Yeah it gets shallow over here
I chose power over heart
I had to die before my life could really start
This blood flowing through my vains is what sets us apart
Make a wish to this genie
Before your life go by
I ain’t giving no freebies
Gotta go by sun rise
Put your eyes where your mouth is
To be like mine (like mind)
If I move outta this spot
My body count gone rise
Sky high
I’m making decorations
Out of bodies
Origami but with 9 lives
Put a head in my pot I’m making chia pets
Making sculptures outta corpse is just a reflex

This demon blood make art
I see humans as the canvas
No need panicking you’ll be elegent
They all lack intelligence
How you become part of our product and still haven’t noticed yet

Hashira’s got me laughing I’ve got nothing left to lose
Slice my head clean off think you’re winning but it’s all a ruse

Live or die that’s something you don’t get to choose
Sis don’t cry, now I’ll kill the guy with flashy moves

Make you dance on a string you’re my puppet
Pull your ears yank your hair yeah I love it
You don’t know how I’ve lived I’m corrupted
Big bro’s watching you, get to running

Running to your grave
Fronting like you’re brave
Ain’t nobody safe
Call me no. 2 you can get erased
And im fast like a flash
Slash em in half
Laugh at your ass
Ima murderer now don’t forget the mass

Blood is running down
Dripping on the ground
No escaping our world

Screaming for me now
Savoring the sound
No escaping our world

Crimson red infinity
All drenched in death
Breathes life in me

Blood is running down
Painted on the ground
No escaping our world