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►Album Art by Heine Sætrevik

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My work is temporary
but you’ll leave with scars
I’m that visionary
sculpting every bar
My hands are legendary
they try to pull my arms
I’ll write your own obituary
With my art

I’ma set off that bomb
if you got a prob with my art
talk to the palm
Hidden Sand on the alarm
Gaara’s already gone
from this Bakuton

If you’re not in awe then I can’t stay calm
Looks like a doll till you play too hard
Fly above all and you pray that I fall
Till I detonate your squad

S-rank that’s coming from the Hidden Stone village
till the very day that I was joining rogue ninjas
Got the kekkei, and now you exploding in it
Moldin all my clay until they hold it in exhibits

Sasori be saying he can show me what art isn’t
Puppetry is lamer, yeah you know that I’ll be dissin
Cause they know that I alone am essential to the mission
Akatsuki blowing up cause I’m with it

Itachi: terminate him
cause the Sharingan I hate it
No he never appreciated
what I’m making
here’s a seal of confrontation
you could say that I was faking
With a suicide clone, so your jutsu’s negated
Sasuke, I was waiting to save it
I take it to another level till you’re disintegrating
You see the shape is amazing
but everything begins fading
It’s creation of life and of death animated

I’ma let off this bomb
Tell me what you gonna do?
I say Katsu

I’ma let off this bomb
From C1 to C2
I say Katsu

I’ma let off this bomb
never too big to chew
I say Katsu

Showing you my true art
Even If it kills me and you
I say Katsu

My work is temporary
but you’ll be leavin with scars
I’ll be that visionary
sculpting every single bar
My hands are legendary
they trying to pull off my arms
I’ll write your obituary
With my art

Kakashi be taking my right
and Gaara be crushing my left
that never made me paralyzed
Cause Kakuzu sewed up the rest

I only need one hand to sign
a permit to summon your death
Anybody left alive?
I won’t make the same mistake again

I got the scope for exposing
Dragon missiles always honing
Sticky bombs that I’m throwing in
Judging me? Man you hopeless

Judging art? You don’t know shit
Let it be in the moment

Reaching the greatest of heights
when I beat you in dangerous fights
now I’m taking my flight

Combining the earth and the light
With my centipede
suffocating you in fright

Throwing grenades to ignite
My minions unphased when you graze and you slice
You know that destruction’s my main appetite
Bringing the art when I place dynamite

I am the man who will
Damage with mannequins
flammable animals
Leave you in bandages
Orochi Maru
was supposed to be vanishing
Nobody’s safe in the sea, sky, or
Land of This

Two Tails: I’m managing
Send out a gam of fish
Gaara can’t stand that his sand is shit
art becomes animate
now that you can’t resist
Only my hand will spit
and I’m sick



My work is temporary
but you’ll leave with scars
I’m that visionary
sculptin every bar
My hands are legendary
they try to pull my arms
I’ll write your own obituary
With my art

now you see my devotion
microscopic bombs leave your whole body roasted
yeah I’m on the job unless Gari’s approachin
I could fight you all with zombie hypnosis

Live fast, die young’s the modus
operandi, you already know my slogan

counter your genjutsu cause I’m training for revenge
so now I’ll make you show respect
because the pop art’s just a trend
I’m on the superflat like everywhere I step
and then I raise it up instead
to another level till you’re dead

bitch, I am the ultimate
you fear me when I’m sculpting it
you turn around, I’m underground, an earth release to pull me in
you feel the burn, I’m cullin ninjas
when Onoki’s full of shit
you see my art will be immortal to the end

Know that my art is never surreal
Nobody cares for a puppeteer
Level the field
All of your life: I’m gonna steal
Look at my work: shedding a tear
Ultimate art: into a sphere
Nuclear bomb: you disappear

Making you feelin it all, because if I die
Even if I’m gone, my art will always abide

Giving you a last sign
Cower in front of a masterpiece
for the very last time
for the very last time