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The estarossa to mael rap from the anime seven deadly sins or nanatsu no taizai!
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seven deadly sins rap

Seven deadly sins singer: Mattias of @BlindingSunrise:

Seven deadly sins rap produced by Tyler Clark:

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Seven deadly sins rap by None Like Joshua:
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Seven deadly sins rap

Synopsis : The Seven Deadly Sins is a Japanese fantasy manga series written and illustrated by Nakaba Suzuki. It was serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine from October 2012 to March 2020, with the chapters collected into forty-one tankōbon volumes.


Can you feel the darkness forming?
It’s me and the demonic swarming
I arise from the coffin, don’t mourn me
Blinding my heart, while yours bleed
Cause I ride or die like a war chief

My team full assault on your team
The commandment of love, and my power is pouring
So the haters fall before me

Watching you dying is surely

Satisfying as the malice is coursing

I was so jealous of your being
So I will be endlessly torturing

From cowardice to authority

A savage who’s bound to scorn thee

I’m butchering angels and armies
You hunger for revenge, I’m starving
I’ma be the one who’s gonna punish if you want to disobey

Burning every single bridge down when I summon up this hellblaze

See your friend is tryin to chokehold me, but it just feels like play

If I’ll be the one that you gon hate, then you better stop to kneel and pray
I’ve already lost my soul and a reason to be afraid
Of death or any god or a demon, I’m taking your power today

Any light coming from the sun, I’m throwing in all my shade

Kill anybody, whether fam or friend if they’re in my way

Darkness falls

Darkness falls

As I watch you die

It’s an eye for an eye

As we both go blind
Darkness falls

Darkness falls

As your blood runs dry

Now it’s time to say goodbye

As I take your life

Darkness falls

Darkness falls

Now it’s too late to confess

This overwhelming pain in my chest

Knowing she embraced him instead
Yet they all want to say I was blessed?
Had a veil layin over head

Didn’t know who betrayed or a friend

You can just save your breath

Cause here comes the angel of death
In the darkness, I was blind
I was only living out a lie

How could I betray my kind?

So many wasted lives

But I’ve come to realize
Who I really am inside 

Finally awakened from the night-
Now I’ll shut my enemies’ eyes

The past is forgiven, and now the power within me will change the world we live in
Clouds are disappearing as I’m making the wind reveal the sky that’s hidden

The battle inside me is finally out of my system like drugs to medicine

There’s nothing to stop me and now discussion is silenced with every line I’m givin
Locked in a prison but wings are no longer missing cause my mind will fly again

Can you feel the heat like I would melt your weapon? You can try but the sun ascends

The ultimate sacrifice, anybody will empathize when I fight any man

Dropping this bomb on top of the opposition. It’s divine punishment  

See the light

See the light

As the shadows hide

No more lies in my eyes

As the sun will rise

See the light

See the light

As the darkness dies

Now it’s time for me to fly

As I save a life 

See the light

See the light