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The daki & gyutaro rap from the anime demon slayer or kimetsu no yaiba!
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Why is Daki so fine but Gyu so unfine? What was your favorite part of the demon slayer rap? Leave a thumb and let me know in the comments below what we should rap about next!

Demon slayer rap

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Demon slayer rap:

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Why you want to die from the six?

Steppin up to us? Gotta be a Death wish.

Granted. Power Duo gotta munch

Lil sis, Big bro. It’s a family Lunch

Yeah we got that Perception. Always

You ain’t the exception. No way.

Can’t predict our moves, ya we got that connection.

Unlike you, when you lose your mid-section

Why you want to die from the six?
Tell us why

Here’s the big bro bout to dice up quick

If you fight my sis

You gon lie lifeless

Didn’t come this far

To get sliced from a kid

Man your life ain’t hard

But mine was a bitch

But I won’t die

Just like mom tried to wish

You went from rags to rich

I went straight to stitch

I’ll slash you to scars

Bout to get ugly as shit

Consuming the beautiful

Killing the ugly

Imagine you lifeless

It Gets me all bubbly

I’ll chew you to bones

Bury them in a ditch

The pain you endure

You’ll need more than a stitch

It’s a dog eat dog world

And I am that bitch

You think that you’re better?

I’ll make you deader

How dare you behead her

Now your every limb’ll be severed

Whatever effort you render

Remember that

The debt collector

Wants a gravestone

Not your flashy diamonds or cheddar 

Because I’m sick with the sickle

Don’t need a hammer, too skillful

The demon blood trickled down to us
I earned every little bit
Of power
Compared to yours
Your team is lookin real dismal
You need a squad to carry on

Then he and I will get full

There’s no good, only bad and the ugly

You should be punished

Your looks affront me

You move like you’re already dying

To say that you’re of value

In any way would be lying

Lived in disgrace, so I’ll bring that fate
To your death whether now or late

With the poison I make from my hate

If you fear my face

Then wait till you face my strength

I could self mutilate
And still make you want to die

This is why I became what I am

You should try

Cause your metal’s like a knife

On a plate
And we eat every night
So we won’t let your life go to waste

He and I see eye to eye

So be advised we don’t leap in blind

We got that dominant vision

So you and your sib

Will sub with the mission

Your mission is finished

Cause you don’t know shit

About demonic women

Arisen from fission

We kill with precision

You’ll just be another notch up on her belt

And I wear the pants in this business