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None Like Joshua

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As a versatile wordsmith and experimental electronic producer, None Like Joshua has been dabbling through a diverse set of music genres and topics to rap about since 2009. The level of fame that he’s garnered with over 193 million Youtube views has stemmed from rapping about his favorite video game, anime, TV shows, and movies intertwined with heavy electronic music. His music has traveled from Zelda to Star Wars, Goku to Naruto over dubstep, trap, metal and other dynamic genres. NLJ’s lyrics and high energy is always complemented with music that inspires and hypes every listener as he makes a name for himself with the support and collaborations from talented EDM producers, musical youtubers, and, of course, the hundreds of thousands of gamers, anime fans, and rap lovers who have shared one of his songs.

NLJ is taking over the internet with his music that anyone can dance and rock out to. According to FreshNewTracks, “he isn’t your average rapper. None Like Joshua comes in with a style like Mike Shinoda’s, but dreams further than the stars rapping over some of the hottest beats.” He’s also released a rap metal/nerdcore album, L33T, with the French band, SMASH HIT COMBO, which reached #1 on iTunes metal for France. He even has a song in the popular mobile game, GARENA FREE FIRE, and has also performed in various cities and countries during his career; from New York City to Los Angeles, Atlanta to Portland, and even across Europe in France, the UK, the Netherlands, and even Russia. With an upcoming release every month, and epic collaborations on the way, NLJ is sure to give a show you’ll never forget. You can find his music at YOUTUBE.COM/NONELIKEJOSHUA

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"I feel like None Like Joshua has an enormous range and potential to jump into any genre he wants to. He’s got that metal-esque growl, he can sing, he’s got crazy flow."
otakuassociation. com

“…Joshua isn’t your average rapper. None Like Joshua comes in with a style like Mike Shinoda’s, but dreams further than the stars rapping over some of the hottest dubstep beats.”

“A self-proclaimed “future rap” artist, he has released countless YouTube videos (with many garnering viral attention) that feature his solid rhyming and production skills.”

Notable conventions & Cities Performed

  • Mag-C 2024 (Erfurt, Germany)
  • YokaiNite 2023 (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
  • Florida Supercon 2023 (Miami, Fl)
  • Pyrkon 2023 (Poznan, Poland)
  • MTAC 2023 (Nashville, TN)
  • G-Anime 2023, 2024 (Gatineau, Quebec)
  • Central Florida Comicon 2023 (Lakeland, FL)
  • Otakufest 2022, 2023 (Miami, FL)
  • Anime Expo 2018, 2019, 2022 (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Queen City Anime Con 2018, 2019, 2021 (Charlotte, NC)
  • Control Freak Video Games Yamacon 2019 (Pigeon Forge, TN)
  • Anime Weekend Atlanta 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 (Atlanta, GA)
  • Crunchyroll Expo 2019 (San Jose, CA)
  • Nerdcore Party Con 2019 (Nashville, TN)
  • Pax East 2019 Magfest Jamspace (Boston, MA)
  • Metrothamcon 2019, 2021 (Chattanooga, TN)
  • Pax South 2019 Magfest Jamspace (San Antonio, TX)
  • Magfest 2019 Megamantathon 7 (National Harbor, MD)
  • MGC Experience 2016 (Utrecht, Netherlands)
  • Liquicity Festival 2015 (Diemberbos, Netherlands)
  • 10-CITY TOUR in Russia with Smash Hit Combo

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