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I was tired of seeing these arguments everywhere I go. If it resonated with you in any way, hit the Like, Share, Add to Fav, and Subscribe for more thoughtful raps. Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments, or if I should tackle another debate. Thank you!

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Are you a genius? Prove it.

Atheists & Christians
You’ve both made me listen
So let me take a minute to
Explain my position

Cause all of these debates
On the pages that
I witness
Are always between–
Atheists & Christians

It’s usually lame kids on the internet taking no interest
Always saying what they believe in is best
I guess the Muslims are out dealing with a bigger mess
Like the Western World waging war on their villages

And the Jews? They don’t even need to give a shit
“You want to convert? Here. Get to reading this.
You want to debate?
Please let me eat my gifilte fish.”

And Buddha taught not to ponder on
Things we’ll never know.
They’re concerned with the present world
Not 12-year old bros
Who don’t even know
How to respect each other
Or just let it go.

Some Atheists can be shameless for bringing hatefulness.
Saying to theists what they have faith in is shit.
Take a second and raise a question about their situation.
What’s vacant in the Christian way of living that they need to make a statement
In condescending phrases instead of being open to changes

What if an atheist makes someone grow so hopeless
With no one close to keep from feeling alone and broken
murder themselves to death from feeling further depressed
You worsened it with hurtful words instead of using your head

Atheists could explain they don’t believe in hell or heaven
So they should appreciate themselves and everyday they live to tell it
Every human being is the same, so you could say in essence
We should all be treated equally not inhumanely for a second
Or believing in a God defeats responsibility
And deters people from seeking the most honest meaning
Only people make mistakes, no blaming on entities.
And the world will continue to rotate if we create a sustainable destiny

No God talked you into it, or made you do otherwise
The economy, war, nature can only be fixed if humans try
So stop thinking you’ll make them stop believing
By being an asshole
Cause it’s not like a lot of atheists get together and
Volunteer at schools.

there’s really not enough unity in all the cities
So just start small and incite curiosity
Not hatred or crossness
Show how atheists care for the sacredness of knowledge
Of reason and logic, and the smartest option to be taken.
Cause we can agree these politicians and corporations can be a disgrace to any denomination.

Which brings me to the Christian doctrine.

Christians have to comprehend the burden of proof.
There’s no evidence for your argument, and no absolute truth.
So you don’t need to explain yourself for what you believe in.
And stop trying to “save” everyone of every region.

What’s better is getting together and giving to the community
While some Christians defend being offensive for bigotry and foolery
Even Jesus taught to love, care for the poor, not be a rich man
I don’t think he said to make war on the internet with dickheads

The majority in America, and an authority in our government?
Yet you have the audacity to say what you worship will come to end?
God and Jesus too won’t be leaving soon just because three dudes
On youtube don’t agree with you.

Some Christians aren’t impressing anyone
by holding a sign on the street
When you could be productive and
Provide the homeless food to eat

Or study science to help those in need
Because no amount of praying will bring back
The leg of an amputee
But bringing love and forgiveness
can provide some sanity.

While we need to pay attention to who’s taking our liberties
I don’t want to pray one day these politicians get raped and impregnated
Or hope their son’s gay and wants to stay with the one he’s dating
Just because he hates his parents’ distaste for what makes him a human being

We should all be free.

So to all these people who plead for what they believe
But they wouldn’t read one freakin word of their own creed
Or even the treatise of people with whom they disagree
If you can read about Hitler, you can read the bible or philosophy

And it’s 90% likely you comply with your parents or all your friends
Because they wouldn’t lie to you, right? and you want to belong with them
So to all these parents who want to disagree with me
Your child isn’t going to learn a single thing about the earth
we breathe

If they’re not hurting any being and they’re currently pleased
Who are you to give a sermon on what they are to believe

We just want to belong and be part of something bigger
And if all of us today were to cooperate rather than bicker
About sinners and baby killers or try to reconfigure your picture
And solve the world’s problems, I think that’d be the winner

In my own experience, some of the most pleasant people I’ve met
Were Christians who never requested if I believed Jesus wept
They gave me a place of residence, I was fed, and I slept.
I didn’t want to contend, I thanked them instead.

And asked if there was something I could do for all they give.
They said no, and that my presence was a gift.
And you know what? That’s called being considerate
No atheist or religion ever taught me this.

A mix of my father, empirical evidence, and just common sense.

So imagine all the steps that one person took
To attest to their own beliefs
Ask them questions so they can have reflection in peace.
And next time you see two assholes debating on your screen
Just tell them what I said, and move on to the next thing
So we can save all the typing, go outside and be with people
Whether it’s what God needs you to do, or what’s reasonable
Just be an example and help those from feeling feeble
Then they’ll realize why it’s great what you want to believe
But otherwise, shut the fuck up, please.