The Zelda Triforce Rap

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► Zelda: Starby

► Ganondorf: FabvL

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duh, they call me link
just a boy but not too weak
i don’t say much cause talk is cheap
unless there’s some ocarina on a beat

got more green than a deku tree
and spending spree with red rupees
plus zelda’s telling me that
Ganondorf less of a man than sheik

i spit fire arrows
they love this track – like a scarecrow
find the peril
shield myself from ganon’s ugly when i shine the mirror

field of hyrule, see a skeleton, slice your marrow
death mountain, i got bolero
climbin from the bottom as a young’n, now i’m here with an owl on the airflow

i got the courage
she’s got that wisdom
he’s got the power
now i’m on a mission

taking hyrule back
but this time it’s different
cause we fight with rap
you just –

see my wrists? i rock gauntlets
and a gigantic wallet
now this song hits like bombs lit
then i longshot these bosses

locked in when i walked in
but you thought that i was never gonna solve this?
hit the wrong switch?
i’ma let my darkness make some comments

yo it’s dark link, ganondorf why you a salty bitch?
make your heart sink, pull it out with a sword and stomp on it
then i’ll bang twinrova while they’re split

okay calm your tits
now i’m nauseous
like i’m dizzy from the spin attacks i caught you so quick
throw a boomerang, it’s never gonna be caution to wind now
zelda gonna tell you while she got you pinned

he’s got that courage
i’ve got that wisdom
he’s got that power
now i’m on a mission

taking hyrule back
but this time it’s different
cause we fight with rap
you just –

essence of a goddess, great like a deku tree
guardian of wisdom; never ending prophecy
hyrule princess, i’m makin em weak
gender bent, damn i still look chic
game on fleek, and i’ll stop devastation
latest in the chain of reincarnation
living out the page for which i am destined
seventh sage, ruler, eponym of legend

little boy link here thinking i’m a damsel
mind your flaws, like hey for example
the handle of which one to pick in the puzzle
stumped for hours, no brain all struggle
i’ll help ya through, take the arrows of light
send him on the way to the ganondorf fight
bringin it together in this song of time
three pieces of the force ocarina of rhyme

listen, now it’s time, for the
dark lord to be killing everything it’s brutal
ocarina, depleted you’re nothing
i’m a demon
feel the power of the tri force, magic, call it voodoo, who knew
ganandorf, fear the name, and zelda really like em’ bad, got her going insane
i’m steady chillin’ in my castle while you struggle in pain
deflecting every single arrow that’s a shame, can you blame me, hah
think you really gonna to make it to the level that i’m at you’re crazy
everybody wanna be the one to beat me but I’m always comin back, can’t outlast me, hazy
lost woods got you stumbling, can’t hook shot up this high
master sword will never save you, heart containers running dry, yea

he’s got the courage
she’s got the wisdom
i got that power
now i’m on a mission

taking hyrule back
but this time it’s different
cause we fight with rap
you just –

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