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I’ll tell you my darkest and whimsical story
Don’t ever call me your typical Morty
I answer to nobody, Rick or authority
Smartest of all – sick with my wording cause

When I was born that prick had tried forming me
Into a genius. I wanted more to see
There was no Jerry – no insecurity
No Beth or Summer – family quarreling

I excelled – Rick was ashamed
and left for a Morty without any brains
cause he never heard me say
“ah geez, Rick please, just stay”

so I created my own
and placed him under control
my right eye up on the goal

did I mention ending Ricks of all dimensions then I get
Their Mortys torture them from night to morning
To disguise my fort on Hideout planet
and planned to plant the evidence on C-137
he prevented it – I’ll avenge again as president

– No it’s not – Rookie Morty
It’s the Rickest Morty, hiding in the Rickless Mortys
never Rick and Morty

– No it’s not – Rookie Morty
It’s the Rickest Morty, hiding in the Rickless Mortys
– it’s Evil Morty

The Citadel’s problem is the Ricks and Mortys feeding on the Citadel’s death. But I’ve got a message for them, from the Ricks and Mortys keeping it alive. A message from the Ricks and Mortys that believe in this Citadel to the Ricks and Mortys that don’t: You’re outnumbered!
Made my way to the Citadel to prepare
To arrange that day when I sit up there
Campaigned for a change to win it fair
and persuade the state but I didn’t care

Defamed by the fake news as a joke
Juggling Rick don’t know I’ma go
for their throats, when I’m pouring in votes
the more I coax, then my manager getting cut

Tried assassinating my ass
cast him out to space with the trash
then the shadow council collapsed
I eradicated this clash

Now I lace – all my loose ends
Cause the change is soon to begin
No more slaves to Rick’s perception
Liberate the Mortys and win

show you what could happen if you call me Yellow Shirt
quellin any TerroRick upset about their work
cause they never cared a bit for how we let em hurt
anyone opposing me is perilous and purged

No more partners in curriculum
start from dirt, like in the slums
of Mortytown, for Rickless thugs
like me, now see what I’ve become!

– No it’s not – Rookie Morty
It’s the Rickest Morty, hiding in the Rickless Mortys
never Rick and Morty

– No it’s not – Rookie Morty
It’s the Rickest Morty, hiding in the Rickless Mortys
– it’s Evil Morty


  1. Julia says:

    Nice dude

  2. Liam Mercado says:

    Omg best rap ever heard
    U da best

  3. Gremlin says:

    Absolutely amazing

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