Calliope x Rikka – Spiral Tones Remix

Remix entry of Calliope & 律可 – Spiral Tones
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Spiral Tones rap remix

Spiral Tones remix produced by Master Andross:

Spiral Tones singer:

Spiral Tones remix video edited by Kevizard Edits:

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Spiral Tones rap remix

Synopsis : The Grim Reaper’s first apprentice. Because the world’s medical system advanced so dramatically, she became a VTuber to collect souls.


Look at us, you know we play the part

We breakin down the barrier for the sake of art

We don’t Lie in April, get up everyday and start
To put our heads together, feel the melody in heart

There ain’t a soul that ever cared about the body

Just soul

Yeah it’s all about the notes that you are rockin
And roll
Show me someone sayin talent is divided

You know
It ain’t the way that we you were born

Cap on it
There’s no one

That can tell me that we couldn’t work together

If the sound that we are bringing makes a harmony in ether
I’m a prodigy of effort
You had started late but never

Thought to quit until we both had made a song [that would] last forever

Long as you are always in time
Stayin on this grind

Doesn’t matter if we switched minds

Like Your Name is mine
Only thing that matters is your voice
in synch and line

We can ride this slippery slope

If you’re so inclined


可笑しくない Don’t be surrender 3秒でわからせて
ヤマナイ It’s awesome 拍手喝采 進化するflow
次元を超えて Reaching anyone そのココロを射抜いて
重鳴り響いていくspiral tones
(spiral tones)

An amalgamation

Of the sound were making
For the crowd that’s waitin

Always down for a style of

Another round of applause

So loud that the ground is shakin 

The amount of hatin

Drowned out though we fillin in hola como estas

The drought like raining

We astound in ratings
What we found’s amazing
Every town will face it

Let the clowns just frown

We’re profound at chasin

This bag

Dat cash

That’s a mountain of payments

While these rappers

Want the drama

I ain’t about that fake shit
See their egos gettin bigger
Like it’s clout inflation
Then they tellin everybody that they

Doubt our strengths and

So we’ll leave em all behind
Too proud to explain it
Let’s just show em how it’s done

From the clouds of fame with
You and I 

And then we’ll open up their eyes
It’s like the tones will make a spi
Ral staircase
They’re in the basement

They say I got power
But I’m a slave to the noise
I make a beat, he got the raps
She got the scythe and a special look in her eyes
A moment of silence for 会長
Thanks to her we got a full-time, no バイト
Better be paying respect to the elders
Their wisdom brings shelter
So shhh… Listen

嵌れてない Don’t be so nervous 3分で口ずさめる
ツヅケテ It’s awesome 震天動地 増えていくflock
次元を超えて Reaching anyone その期待値追い抜いて
御座なりなんてないspiral tones

Can’t ignore forever
What could make you better
Anyway, anyway, anyway, no wonder!
可笑しくない Don’t be surrender 3秒でわからせて
ヤマナイ It’s awesome 拍手喝采 進化するflow
次元を超えて Reaching anyone そのココロを射抜いて
重鳴り響いていくspiral tones

No way (no way)
Can’t ignore forever
重鳴り響いていくspiral tones

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