The Samurai Jack Rap

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Got to get back to the past
Samurai Jack

Call me Jack
Got to get back
To the past
A samurai who lacks
The attraction to chat
My attacks are my actions
That are faster than my raps

Ravage with a magic sword
That was forged
By the deities of this tragic world

A savage born
From the massacre
After the masses burned
I traveled half the earth from Japan
Be the master of my work
And now the lost son of the land
Has returned

Got to get back
to the past
Samurai Jack

50 years ago
I could never fear a foe
See my Qi is spiritual
Every move is lyrical

I’m here to school
Aku – but when I’m near the fool
“I’ll be back samurai.”
Disappear is typical

battled cattle with spartans
To get to the master of darkness
A martial artist
Versus an army of zombies
Lava monsters
And dragons fartin
Mecha and mass robotics
All this tech – got me askin
How the heck – do I start this?

Bounty hunters
I cross then I squash them
Alongside the Scotsman
From the sea
To mountains
And rockets
To outer space
how I faced the
Imposturous Mad Jack
And the guardian – of the time portal

Reminding me that I was not the prophesied mortal
I slice and I dice with morals
Tryin to find a wormhole
Forever reside in a time will I spite this divine quarrel?

Got to get back
to the past
Samurai Jack

I fight for honor and vengeance
I fight for my father and brethren
I fight for the right from oppression
I’ll fight Aku and his henchmen

But since then I’ve grown cold and numb
Drenched in the blood of those who obstruct
me and my blade, now I retain guns
Who have I become?
Haven’t shaved in months

I ride a chopper into the dark sun
Fully armored to take on the one
Have I lost who I am and just run?
and will I ever get back to the past or give it up?

Got to get back
Samurai Jack