The Pickle Rick Rap (Rick and Morty)

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►Beat produced by Oscar Santos

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I don’t need your help when I’m in a pickle
you see myself as superficial
I scream “to hell with all your psychoanalytical”

why else? cause this shit is cool
These cats think I’m a snake to fool my
whole fam, but I don’t obey the rules
until I sail away into

The sewers, maneuver through caca
Seducing to use cucarachas
Proving the brine is the blood in my carcass
moving their minds with my tongue when I’m talking

I’m mad when they ask if I’m salty
the fact is the pack’s ratting on me
no it’s not magic, it’s simple biology
Massacre rats when I build me a body)

I’m Pickle Rick
yes I’m very sick
I don’t need a therapist
I kill em all like terrorists

yeah I’m Pickle Rick
I don’t care for kids
Tell me where’s the exit or
I’m puttin holes in parents

I bust in, they shootin
and hunting a nuisance
I’m runnin from bullets
and jump to conclusions it’s
cause I’m intruding
got to cover my wounds with
the mustard, these humans
are so dumb and stupid
they come to my ruses
they love execution
I must be the rudest
Destruction and ruin
With no luck, it’s useless
I’m killin
this Russian collusion

got to get that parkour
Solenya slaughters like Darfur
with a battery like a Galaxy smartphone
till the Jaguar spars with the armed force

Start to wonder “what the hell have we fought for?”
while his daughter was caught behind locked doors
now the boss bout to get another encore
Neither money or power could ever stop the war

they know that I’m a big dill
not kosher when these pigs squeal
I flow like blood will get spilled
leave a sour taste so your lips seal

my vinegars got to stay trill
A jerk of a gherk if you ain’t chill
and if you weren’t sure bout my name still…

Ladies take joy in this play toy cause you know that a pickle got to stay moist

2022 © None Like Joshua - by Slide