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The phantom troupe rap (hunter x hunter amv) from the anime hunter x hunter!
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Synopsis: Hunter × Hunter (stylized as HUNTER×HUNTER; pronounced “Hunter Hunter”) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi. It has been serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump since March 1998, although the manga has frequently gone on extended hiatuses since 2006. The Phantom Troupe (幻げん影えい旅りょ団だん, Gen’ei Ryodan), sometimes just called Troupe (旅りょ団だん, Ryodan), is a world-renowned gang of thieves with Class-A Bounties. The group is also known as “Spider” (旅団クモ, Kumo) and its members go by the name of “Spiders”.[2] Most of them hail from Meteor City. hxh is another name for the anime hunter x hunter. Each hunter x hunter episode and hunter x hunter manga involves hunter x hunter gon, killua hunter x hunter, and hunter x hunter hisoka in the hunter x hunter 2011 anime. If you enjoy the hunter x hunter ost, the hunter x hunter op or hunter x hunter opening, hunter x hunter ending, this is the best anime.


Witness tricks and pick a card

I pick kids, and pick apart

Their body parts while stiff and hard

Pick a target, grip his heart

Simpin for a king, well I’m a joker so the fight starts

Stickin with the rubber and gum like it’s a fine art

Strong opponents come at me and you’ll be gettin clapped dude

Bungee gum attached too, you’ll be needin clown shoes

I’m bad too, Ilumi-nate my blood lust in a bad mood

I could carry all the spiders on my back like tattoos

Do not  act rash boy your life is hanging by a thread
You get two strikes on the third filleting you instead
Thunderclap flash, zenny stance aiming at your head
Got  that dome “gon” like Hisoka aiming for some neck
Better reign in every breath
I might take it as a threat
I might shank you through your shoulder blades
To take away your flex
Send a message take your lungs away
And say it with YOUR chest
I’m not the “1” to fuck with
Why you think they saved it for the best

Don’t get attached to me

In fact attaching limbs is one of my specialities

No defendinga against these nen strings, 

Got you hooked, yea you’re no match

Even if you do get away

I can track you down and pull you back

A catch 

If two thousand mafia fell short 

What makes you think that you have a chance

Killin’ don’t come at me

Abs-olutely not

You two ain’t got what I got

It’s an onslaught

To us spiders you’re pot shots

You cannot hope to come out of this on top

Thief, but bet that I’m a threat 

Yea number three in the troupe

I’ll cut your head off with these threads

And make a puppet out of you

The dark assassin and

I’m packin the pain and faster than

Anybody tryin to pass me will be

Seein my image after

Their death

Now your fate’s gone, Feitan making the blade slice

Then it’s raining blood, but I got the umbrella to stay dry

They’re attackin me but I’ll be packin all the heat

And now my Sun exposing anybody dyin like a Shadow Beast

A spider burning every ant

In the summertime
Like the biggest ass magnifying glass that you see

Unafraid to wear this all black
When I’m too hot
Come and battle me
Look at my bullet to shoot thots

No shades on, another head screwed off

When I’ll be
Giving every ounce of pain back for keeps

Wait who are you again? I guess that I’ll fight you 

Taking out the trash with these ants, so you might lose 

Beat you in an arm wrestle? I don’t have to try to

Find your weak spots, now you suck more than I do

Call me Dirt Devil, die, son, from a Dyson

Sucking out your blood like a spider till you dried up

Turn you into dust, clean it up cause I have to

I’m worse than your mom, when I beat you with a vacuum


No Frankenstein  

I’m just here to take what’s mine  

Go against the troupe  

Then I’ll start cracking skulls 

And breaking spines 

When I finger blast you  

I ain’t aiming for your gspot 

But this gon’ be your time of the month 

When I have to make you bleed dot 

Get upon your knees 

I don’t wanna make em bleed 

But I’m all about the money 

I’ve been living in the greed 

I don’t do refunds 

Double machine gun 

Loaded and cocked 

So don’t give me a reason 

To mow you down 

Like tall grass 

Better fall back 

I ain’t all cap 

So you better go 

Bring in the blinky to mop 

I’m like a soda  

They bout to get po

Phantom Troupe coming in then we wage war

Whether treasure or your life, we gon take more

Scared of spiders in yo house, then we raid yours

Run on one of us? That’s what a gang’s for

Phantom Troupe coming in to control those

Who oppose us, Hunters taking low blows

Raining down like metors with Chrollo

And you know we’re about to steal the whole show

Dude’s a beast, fighting dog, bitch Shar Pei

They’re food to me, biting of a bit, parfait

Mushroom cloud, got ’em soiling, shitake

Wild style, fur mink on, style archaic

The brute is in

It’s Uvogin

The cruelest crew of fugitives

Dispatching any enemy in seconds

Do it super quick

Try and reach my level, you might settle for a booster seat

Deadin those who cross me like their body’s on a crucifix

Y’all are buggin, so I best get to spraying shots like pesticide

I put a pest aside if he keep tryna mess with I

You catching fists, don’t need no straps to make you catch a round

My music hits, I ain’t just talking bout my Cantabile

I got bars, that’s my conjurer ability

Bonolenov is my name and you ain’t getting rid of me

I’m guy who’s known to trigger Trypophobia

When I put more holes in ya than any of my people see

Scanning through your recollection 

While I’m loading ammunition

Got the truth no contradiction 

I don’t need your damn permission 

6 shots for ya dome no reload

I’mma tap ya banks for a repo

Down low posted up no joke

And I got you in the scope 

Ask Chrollo, he know 

Hp to take your hp 

No matter what the page reads

I’m setting my own stage

There is no way that you can break me

I ain’t afraid to pull, Fire

Your situation is dire

You seen the legs but I’m the arm of the spider

Soon as I copy, most likely I’ll catch a body 

Turn em to zombies, perfect artist I’m never sloppy

Dont be surprised you see the eye I’m always watching 

Making hard copies like papers in a teacher’s office 

Never let the left know what the right is doing 

But in this case, your death is what I’m construing 

Let my replica reposition your entire condition

Bodies in the gallery and you just another addition”

He, she, them

I don’t really care

I just came to represent

From the bottom of the pent

Tryna rise to the ascent

Number five in the fam

Number four in the troupe

Got a lot of things to prove

Skip third

I’ll be two

My intel tells me that it’ll be true

Bend, break, slice, and sever the rules

Killua, yes, I am coming for you

I don’t do it for the money

I don’t do it for the fame

Villains steady paper chasing

Leave em’ winded

Die in vain

Veins are struck with confetti

When I arrive on the scene

Is it a party with voodoo paper dolls

Or snake poisoning?


Find a victim I can prick the nape of 

That does the trick, it’s danger when I 

Flick the switch it’s game on 

Bats just need a signal maker


Puppeteering, pups are tearing up 

I fit the plug, the current courses 

Through um 

Like a river does 

I played too roughly now my toys are broken 

There’s noise approaching 

Not a ghost, this troupe has tropes 

Of genocidal notion 

Remote controller, push your buttons

Feeling desperation 

Sorta violent, auto pilot to your final destination

It’s another enhancer

You don’t wanna see me with the hands sir

My street cred there

It’s clear, I don’t care

I did all my dirt off-camera

Hit a lick with the clique

We turantulas

Hit my line better speak with some manners 

Could be holding yo kids for ransom

One false move Pakunoda will blam em!

We the Phantom

We don’t fade rookies

Seem like I ain’t do shit but hey lookie 

Y’all seen how I had the primate shooky 

Smoove turned his ass to a bape hoodie

Up in York New City no A Boogie

At the auction I’m planning to take goodies

Like a bully, these kids try me like they gon kill me, don’t push me

Phantom Troupe coming in then we wage war

Whether treasure or your life, we gon take more

Scared of spiders in yo house, then we raid yours

Run on one of us? That’s what a gang’s for

Phantom Troupe coming in to control those

Who oppose us, Hunters taking low blows

Raining down like metors with Chrollo

And you know we’re about to steal the whole show

Let’s go

Stacking these corpses and headstones

Thievery done in a Pen stroke

Look through my book of abilities

Killing you guess i could call it a

Death Note

Nen pro

Fur on my coat that’s the dress code


Leaving you wondering 

Where did a chunk of your head go?

Head of the spiders,

Divine in my providence 

You cannot fight us

It’s crime without punishment

Riding or die 

We all frighten the populace

Bury these commoners deep

No sarcophagus

Not even zoldycks can handle me 

When my flow starts

The phantom troupe will bring a requiem

Like mozart

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