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I’ll meet you in Eichenwalde
it’s the German eagle with a lion heart
Reinhardt, wait till I fight you all
no I’m never late when it’s time to brawl cause

– I’m the pinnacle of German engineering
Never lie about emissions I’m emitting
If I pin you then you certainly can fear me
Come a little closer cause I’m bad of hearing

Just kidding. You just out of my range
I’m an old man, don’t judge my age
but I punish kids, and the payload’s my lawn today

The rise of omnics
it was time to drop it
I got the rocket
now it’s time to drop it
nailing coffins
yeah it’s time to drop it
time to drop this
Hammer of Justice

The Champion of Overwatch, I own the place
It’s that Dragon Slayer, now you see me throwing flames
you know this armored knight, the strongest as the oldest tank
The Chivalrous, until I slam that door up in your face

I charge in
Backs up against that Berlin wall, you pinned
Yeah cause you fall again
We unite with the goal to win

Bustin out of retirement
I defend as a wiser man
My team is VIP, my barrier says that you can’t get in

Armored up with Torbjorn
Start to turn this place to wartorn
you staring at the scoreboard
Watch me swing a homerun towards your

and shatter earth
now you stunned when I rap this verse
I’ll devour Bastion first
the currywurst comes afterwards

The truth is
I don’t give a damn if you Doomfist or
Hanzo and what you shoot with, or
Lucio and who your crew is
I’m a crusader executin
Come near me and I’ll prove it
This old dog still knows a few tricks

Widowmaker shootin over heads
Snipers are cowards with covertness
I doubt you could go toe-to-toe with this
you know the rest
Pharah falls, she’ll show regret
I’m closing in, you approaching death
You wasted: Oktoberfest

In the name of Baldric
Yeah it’s time to drop it
Whack-a-moles are poppin
yeah it’s time to drop it
nailing coffins
yeah it’s time to drop it
Hammer of Justice

yeah I’m metal like I’m Rammstein
Get rammed, then we winning by a landslide
Will they win in time? I would say nein
It’s the best of Deutschland’s mankind

I’m like Don Quixote, you a windmill
sayin “danke schön” if you get killed
– sit still
when I swing my hammer
bodies will spill

Protect my people
Wait until my shield is going down, I’ll beat you
Leavin you see through, whenever my team shoots
Pulp fiction, I’m about to get medieval

Charging up my ultimate
now pardon me, I’m goin in
I’ll spar you in a tournament like
Arthur and his noblemen

I’m tearin down your crowds
As the powerhouse of the sauerkrauts