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  1. Hi,the alias is Jack.I’ve been on the internet so quite some time and when I got introduced to your music,I was instantly hooked.You joined anime,videos games,rap and various genres of dubstep into 1 channel,which is amazing.Unlike other people,I can’t buy your music or merch because my family is poor,so the best I can do is watch your videos and like them.I don’t share videos because I’m afraid of bringing in more haters than fans.I’m a young singer and songwriter still in high school,I’m somewhat anti-social and I’ve been living in isolation for my entire life.Making music is my escape and it’s feeling even more real than ever,because of you.After seeing what you’ve become,I wanna join you in this.I may not be the best singer or rap even though people say I am,I still wanna try making music.I want to collab with you even though I only have a handful of subscribers and I haven’t uploads any musical content.Answering this would make my day or night depending on when you answer.Thanks for reading this if you are,if not then you’re probably busy answering more important stuff than this anyways.Keep making awesome music from a kind from Trinidad and Tobago.Keep rapping and no fan will explode.
    -DJSucksAtGaming(About to be WeirdoVSReality)

  2. Chris street says:

    Yo when u take me on tour street you added me on Facebook

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  4. corvelldx says:

    NLJ for LIFE

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