Joestar Rap | NLJ, Nux Taku, Cdawgva, Anime Man, Caleb Hyles, Rustage, Chi-Chi, JY Shawty, Musicality| JoJos Bizarre Adventure Rap

The joestar rap (jojos bizarre adventure amv) from the anime jojos bizarre adventure!
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Synopsis: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (Japanese: ジョジョの奇妙な冒険, Hepburn: JoJo no Kimyō na Bōken) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki. It was serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump from 1987 to 2004, and was transferred to the monthly seinen manga magazine Ultra Jump in 2005. In jojo bizarre aventuure, the joestar family are the jojo characters in jojos bizarre adventure anime. If you watch jojos bizarre adventure online, like the jojo op, jojo pose, or jojo memes, jojo theme, this is the best anime.



Boy better know me 

Beefing up with muscles

that are mighty like i’m broly 

OP force like kenobi 

i will never Fall back

Tackle em so hard 

He be looking like the all blacks 

Speed wagon 

cus i overdrive

Breath, dragon 

When he burns alive

Dio planning 

so my dog will die  

Be like john wick

so you won’t survive 

Striking like big ben the bells ring

Burn up like kelvin

Vampire hunter, van helsing  

Hammer the nails in, 

Divine intervention

Ya crash like a zeppelin

a stairway to heaven

Used to be the same team 

but we’re not the same league

You know that your time is up 

right when you hear the main theme

Beating dio before it became mainstream


i created a legacy

Oh my Gooooooood

It’s that Joestar, ultimate deceiver cause
Ladies love me, I’m a real pleaser  
Ask Suzy Q about my robot fingers

All this Hamon, don’t need a breather

Any game I play, I’m the best cheater
Too hot, gave Esidisi fever

Enemies drop hard like a rock on Caesar

Rest in peace, I’m the pillars’ reaper
Even Wamuu sees that he’s the weaker
What? You’re still a nonbeliever?
Your next line is… “You’re a mindreader?”
I’m taking Dio to the cleaners
by running away, now he runs in circles
Grab a TV, what’s this commercial?
Not tentacle porn, it’s hermit purple

Yare yare daze

Need a hand? Then I got you
Star Platinum leaves em all bruised
Lookin like a body tattoo

I don’t have the time to argue
Why not look into my soul? YES!
Catch my slight of hand
It’s going straight into your dome! ORA!
– Death at your door is knockin
– On your noggin when against my squadron

– Got the upperhand? Don’t stay confident
– Learned from Joseph to play the possum

 and I don’t bluff too often
Approaching Dio and I’ll squash him

Promise I’m puttin him back in his coffin

– Savin The World, then saving the dolphins

Its about to get crazy… diamond

just got here with the timing

the joestars yea you know who we are

couldn’t keep up  even if you was a highway star

a real man has a pompadour

diss that then I’ll  have to beat your ass for sure

I’m  not an explorer but I would just dora my way through heaven’s door


guerito daze

rearrange your body

wanna fight me then go ahead try me

no not stallone but i would make you rocky

yo angelo

nother day feeling phenomenal 

wanna get fixed up my stand got the antidote

but don’t get mixed up caz I would break all your bones

bars are red hot aint talking chill pepper

tell all these villains they gotta do better

You never had a chance to start with

The illegitimate child of Dio, I’m a bandit

Of class and prowess, power is limitless

I killed Biggie Smalls and sacrificed my arm with

Which I’ll give a fist of life, before I kiss your wife and

diss the time you tried to fight the guy who

defies all, y’all better watch your back

Before my boiz rock up to your house and ratatatat, uh

Gangstar: I am truly bizarre

When my theme comes on you better rock that guitar

It’s all over when my Muda leave you cold and hideous

Pissing on your grave; that’s a Golden Experience

And everybody’s out to get us

Passione: we be killin’ it from Rome to Venice

It’s evident: Diavolo gonna roll in his grave

When I put his ass to sleep: Requiem for a Dream

Comin in a 6th generation

Facin off with incarceration

Didn’t do the crime 

But still Im walking the line

Unravel the rable

Tie you up in a battle 

Big or small

You’re up against a Stone wall 

Place your bets you’ll be fallin

Drying up the plans you be plotting 

Oh Father please forgive me for the 

beat I’ll be Droppin’

Like Lightning I’ll fire 

Bring you down Like a Fighter 

Gotta keep it in the family

Ora ra ra ra

All my life I’ve been cursed

Jesus help me start walkin
Too determined to be first
In this race, I don’t have an option
You don’t want to tango with a Slow Dancer
Drop kick em all with the top spin

All my enemies want their own damn hearse?

Fingernails put nails in their coffin
No I can’t stand, but I got a Stand to
lay you in the dirt; spin the tables to turn
You want to catch a Saint’s hand?
Break a leg, cause I’m sure
You’re about to find out if my Steel Balls work
Dio on the way of the dinosaurs; no way to defend
I’m going from Act 1 to 4, don’t delay your end
Valentine is trying to make america great again
But you want the last shot? Take it to the head

Who am I? Welcome to my struggle

Got one mind, but the body feels doubled
Searching my past, I don’t want no trouble
Trust me you don’t want to burst my bubble
Soft and Wet
Just stole your scent
Your sight, your sound
Call it pop music

Don’t slip up when I’m around
cause I took the friction right out the ground
You want to throw all your rocks at me?
Just cause I’m Born this Way
According to basic biology, My skills are better than yours, I’m afraid
That’s why they call me Gappy
I’m on the top, while you’re below
I’m singing Do re mi fa so la  ti do
Sailing through life, don’t rock the boat 

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