Holly Drummond – Out Of My Mind (None Like Joshua Remix)

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I’m only half the noble man that you had thought I was
And everything that we had planned is now oblivion
To see what you could see would be impossible for us
And so we leave and think we never even needed love

the only thing that I believe is never doing wrong
so what you say today is nothing comprehensible
out of time and line with no reply from you tonight
– guess I’ll find a way inside your mind

You pretend that you don’t know
All the things that you did wrong
and now before me lies the ghost
all our love went up in smoke

and I don’t want to miss you
and I just want to erase you
from my life

and get you out of my mind
so take your hearts and set them alight
I may be down but you haven’t won this fight
but I’ll try long as I am alive in your mind

I know you never want to say goodbye
and I hate the people we’ve become
my heart still wants you
but my brain says run to run just run

and I don’t want to miss you
and I just want to erase you
from my life

and get you out of my mind

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