Hike – Life In Motion (None Like Joshua Trip-Hop Remix)

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Randomly decided to make a little bootleg remix for the new EP from Hike called “Life In Motion.” Really dug the piano line, so I made a little trip-hop remix out of it. I also messed up my video of me recording, so I decided to be a hipster and synch it to a 16mm film of a road trip from Vancouver to Montreal. Cool.

Original: www.youtube.com/watch?v=SB8H4MFJWao

Download original from:

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Life in Motion
I’m inside of the focus.
Taking frames by the second
Like the times that are frozen
On the carpet like an ocean
With your friends by your side
Every moment you admire
With the sparkle in your eye

A flash of light
and they all stop moving
every memory successfully
captured by impulsion
A split second
And you’ll never be forgotten
Whether you live or whether you die
It’s your life that’s in motion

It’s your life that’s in motion
It’s your life that’s in motion

Life in motion in the
Eye of the beholder
Being frightened of corrosion and
To hide from getting older

Psychic fortunes
But the silence is golden
Every option is open
You decide what’s important

Reminisce in the clicks
With your kids
Diffident silhouettes
But the sun makes a glare

I don’t care
Whether it’s black or whether it’s white
Whether you live or whether you die
It’s the motion of your life

So you glance to the stand
under the lamp by your bed
Then you sigh
Roll it over
And pretend
They are there by your side
Like a portal moving forward
To a world that you are forming
From the past metamorphosis

But you are rusting
and withering into nothing
But the person is there
Watching you unfolding

And I could wonder
How a second lasts forever
But a lifetime synopsized
To the life in motion

It’s your life that’s in motion

2022 © None Like Joshua - by Slide