The Gaara Rap (prod. Klossos)

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The day that I was born was my very first murder
Ever since then I was scorned even further
Hidden Sand torn cause all I did was hurt em
Constantly ignored, nobody had the courage

To befriend me, so I never loved a person

I’m protecting with flying sand shurikens

Never get sleep, cause every night worsened
Hear the tailed beast in my mind, I’m his servant

You don’t know of what it’s like when every man is scared of you and

I could end your whole entire life with sand burial

Ain’t nowhere to run and hide, my third eye is starin too                       

I could go psycho, lay your clan in pharaoh tombs

show you how I feel the pain with Shukaku

I won’t lay you in the ground cause I’m layin the ground on you
Watchin them carry you out inside of my sand coffin soon
then I Attend your sand waterfall funeral

Yeah it’s Lord Gaara

You don’t know sorrow

I was hated by my very own father

Try to escape it, now you just cornered

Grains of my sand drown you like it was water            

Yeah it’s Lord Gaara

You don’t know horror

Begging for mercy won’t crack through my armor

Try to hurt me and I’m bringing the karma

Yeah it’s Lord Gaara

You dead. Sayonara

Your existence is agitating

more of it will drive me crazy
gourd  I bring on my back is weighing
(you down to death), now you have to obey me

Walkin out exams without a scratch or grazing
cause my wrath is unwavering

Love for only me so I got to show you hatred

My own family plottin my assassination

Kankuro, Temari took a lot of dedication

Split personality, not the sand clones I’m makin

Yeah they tried to keep me feelin calm

until Akatsuki bring the village harm
Extract my tailed beast till I’m gone?

Ask Deidara who would steal his arm

You better be checking out my sandcloud and following

I’m makin it rain with all my Sand Hail, no dodging these
can’t fail when the mausoleum’s got no key
I’m the golden child, kazekage’s what you callin me


Yeah it’s lord gaara, you don’t know sorrow

Carrying agony until my heart burns
I had to see that I was just a monster

and a weapon for my father

yeah it’s lord Gaara, you don’t know horror
Madara, you overplayed, I brought the Sandstorm

I command more in this ninja grand war
Without Naruto, I’d have nothing to stand for

2023 © None Like Joshua - by Slide