FF7 Rap | Omega Sparx, None Like Joshua, Nemraps, Mega Ran, more | Final Fantasy 7 Rap

FF7 rap (final fantasy vii amv) from the final fantasy 7 video game!
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►ff7 video edited by Nintethie: www.youtube.com/channel/UCtyL2GQHgsZJu1YCPPox0FQ

►ff7 remix by OnBeat
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►Cloud Strife rap by Omega Sparx
Youtube : www.youtube.com/user/OmegaSparxChannel

►Sephiroth rap by Mega Ran
Youtube : www.youtube.com/user/megaranmusic

►Tifa rap by Prowess The Testament
Bandcamp : prowessthetestament.bandcamp.com/

►Barret rap by Cutright
Youtube : www.youtube.com/channel/UClJDwMemQnmWW0MkwTkSCMg

►Vincent rap by None Like Joshua:
Youtube : www.youtube.com/nonelikejoshua

►Aerith rap by FrivolousShara
Youtube : youtube.com/FrivolousShara

►Red XIII rap by NemRaps
Youtube : www.youtube.com/user/nemraps

►Cid rap by Gr3ys0n
Youtube : www.youtube.com/user/M80ninja18

►Cait Sith rap by Ninethie Music
Youtube : www.youtube.com/channel/UCtyL2GQHgsZJu1YCPPox0FQ

►Yuffie rap by DA-Wolf
Youtube : www.youtube.com/channel/UCgewy9Y9JTVgmbmahRH2wCA

►Zack rap by SWATS
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►ff7 rap : youtu.be/Z8IubGgV8WA

Synopsis: Final Fantasy VII is a 1997 role-playing video game developed by Square for the PlayStation console. It is the seventh main installment in the Final Fantasy series. Final Fantasy VII Remake or final fantasy vii remake is an action role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix. The game is a remake of the 1997 PlayStation game Final Fantasy VII. The ff7 remake will feature final fantasy 7 characters like cloud, sephiroth, aeris, and tifa. If you enjoy the final fantasy vii game, the final fantasy remake ost, the ff7 battle theme on the ff7 ost, this is the best game of 2020.


You can’t mess with my buster sword

Omega Sparx – Cloud Strife (00:21)
Cloud, the Ex-Soldier
Swept over Jenova til she’s leftovers
Pissed off, I lift off bringing heat to your brain
Put a Finishing Touch on a Meteorain
Mercenary with pain and it hurts to carry
Slow up your roll in my Punisher Mode
Better step soft, for you a dead boss, a leg lost
Air cross, taking the head off of Sephiroth

MegaRan – Sephiroth (00:36)
The most powerful being that you ever seen in your life,
I summon a meteorite
I been the man since you were on pedialyte
You step in my path then we are beefin tonight
Uh…All this power just excites me
Mako energy inside me
Trust me you don’t wanna fight me?
Cuz now I’m one with the lifestream!

Prowess The Testament – Tifa Lockhart (00:51)
Tifa, time to turn up the heat
I light beneath the ether, shatter enemies
greet renegades with Mako energy
render beasts to reconsider, dismantle Shinra
feeble minds, be advised
Repping for Nibelheim & the reservoir, pull two from the repertoire, deuces to Sephiroth

Curight – Barret (1:05)
Yo the names Barret, I’m BIG & Notorious
knocking the living XP outta warriors
tell, Sethiroth he dont stand a chance
cause When i bomb on em it’ll be a Avalanche
got the Weapon in my hand that’s a double entendre
Touch Marlene and I’m coming to conquer
You could put a million guys against
But I’m Riding with cloud, Goku on a flying nimbus

None Like Joshua – Vincent (1:20)
I’m Vincent, and you’ve awoken the beast
and even though it was years, feel like I dozed for weeks
Thinkin about all of my sins when I’m supposed to sleep  
Never going in peace till Hojo’s deceased
If you wanted a fight , you should know I’m holding a piece
Quicksilver gonna kill ya, see me mowing the streets
Death Penalty’s a blessing, no one’s colder than me
All you see is red, limit had just broke your team

FrivolousShara – Aerith (1:35)
Ancient one
The last of dying breed
Earth bound but a goddess-
Cetra wings
Magic cast
Don’t come up last
Pick the petals of my flowers
To see the forecast
Vision flowing through stitches 
With a gospel sound
Sorry, can’t step to me with no
Cap and gown
The slums made me, so uh, I love that town
Not even death can keep this fly phoenix down

Nemraps – Red XIII (1:50)
When I get a headdress, I’ma ball out
step onto the battlefield and nobody can stop me
I’m a warrior, beastin’ with the claws out
Red XIII, but you can call me Nanaki
see the tail now everybody get lit up
Blood Fang killing em, yeah I’m ’bout to split em in two
all I need is a little bit of materia
enemies in the area, hit em wit the limited moon

Gr3ys0n – Cid Highwind (2:05)
I am the one with the spear
Mess with my team then u in despair
I smoke n I swear I don’t really care
A pilot that’s violent while up in the air
Yeah first man up in space I was pose to be that
A lot of stress due to Shinra’s mess cigarettes I relapsed
High wind while in the plane
Joined up with cloud just to cop revenge
On sight for Shinra they can not contain
Due to broken dream this is all my rage
Its not a game when u face the gang
Use big brawl just to have u slain
I can not complain I’m a legend man
Even in the sequels U will hear my name

Ninethie – Cait Sith (2:35)
I got a Megaphone and a Crown like I’m on a throne
You can’t face this
I got a ton of Luck when I’m turning up 
Yeah, they call me Cait Sith
But I’m really Reeve, a dying breed
And I tricks right up my sleeve
A puppeteer, I move the plot 
And its game over when I choose the Slots

DA-Wolf – Yuffie (2:50)
At a cross roads when you step to me 
Bars like a shuriken pull it out of my sleeve where I aim gonna bleed 
Call me Yuffie I’m a thief when I’m riding these beats
Take that spotlight 
Put it all on to me 
I was molded by war 
You should know I ain’t phased
Wutai in my veins
Ain’t no options for playa
my words all creation every limit I’m breaking 

SWATS – Zack Fair (3:04)
Just call him Materia-listic
Who they got to be the hero now? This kid!
Big sword: got a ego like I misfit
Ex-SOLDIER, wanted, up on a hit list
Bring em on!
One swing and I’m ending this
Feeling like a new beginning, I’m a Genesis
Clipping off another wing courtesy of my nemesis!
Did it Ex-Zack-ly!
Bring a Fantasy to life: It’s not “Fair.”