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Here’s my remix of the themes from Bioshock 1, 2, and Infinite with an original rap! Thanks for Liking, Sharing, and Subscribing for more!

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The ocean upon my shoulders
but hope fills my lungs going forward
Enclosed by the flames from the plane
Am I sane or am I crazed? A tower comes closer

Yeah they told me I’d be of the most worth
No gods or kings, but I go forth
As I’m following, I don’t know if
this is someone’s inheritance from the cold earth?

Entering the bathysphere
Half is fear, half is spirit
Of questioning
What happened here?

Submerged in a sea
Of mystery
On an untold city
I’m witnessing
Past and the near
Future combined from
an imagineer
Is it magic or real?
Or did I actually keel
Over? But I never asked Atlas before I collapsed to kneel…
“Who am I?”

Welcome to
Exploring the world
My choices are blurred – and bending to will
but a voice I had heard said
I am Andrew Ryan

He was the menace who started it all
From the conception, and onto the fall
Sharp in direction, a cat’s only paw
Now I’m accepting when Atlas will call

Would you kindly?
Traveling far
Massacre Splicers at
Masquerade balls

Rapture’s a nightmare
Laughter and taunts
The mad and the lost
Respond with a gat and I shot
My plasmids shock
Got Adam stocked
Now I can’t be stopped

Harvest or save
Little sisters wish I’m
Fallen to be slain
Big Daddy’s drillin
Hollowing my grave
First he was chillin
Got em with Enrage
Flickin wrists
And you can see my chains
I’m tillin like a slave and go

Willing to do it, do it all day
Killin Fontaine, no ammo

I make my way
A mouse with needs
The maze betrays
Without the cheese

The only man who can lay to waste
So give me Eve
The place incinerates
with ease
Memories are erased
Like dreams
A man chooses the slave obeys
Only if you tell me please

DNA will be changing
hackin bots but I’m the made machine
cause my brain’s under restrains
with the phrasing
and will I go crazy or
will it stop?

Throwin a wrench in your plans
Goin with every demand
Growin the gatherer’s garden
Show me the power in hand

Freezing em all when they ran
Flowing like a machine – gun
And I shoot when I can, uh

What do I drink?
Give me the gene
tonic and leave
Listen to me
I’m taking the key to

Power for fighting
Decking out my guns
From Olympus Heights – to Arcadia
Stomping on a spidey
Splicer and a thug
Audio diaries revealing
What is up
I’ma make it right
I’ma be the judge
Failure of Andrew Ryan
Freedom run amok
Lights are all blinding
Voices inside me
So would you kindly?

No no more
Code yellow
Now my heart pours
Bolt of shock, you in a water hole
Throwin flames on the oil floor
Launchin nades into your whole force
Will I take it with splicers or will I save the world?

Bioshock 2

Paradise or perdition

As I rise from my suicide
I can feel our pair bond is soon to die
My little sister, where’s my little sister?
Eleanor’s voice inside going through my mind

but who am I?
Big Daddy called
Subject Delta, got to shoot and find

The Lamb who leads
The Family with the left fantasy of humanity
I’m a man of beasts,
see me damaging a splicer who stands to me

Any Big Sister that she’s managing
I’ma send a twister till she can’t be seen
She said, “hey mister, can you help me please?”
now I’m scrambling, to stop Lamb and Sinclair
taking land and sea

Before the Civil War, I had celebrity
Informed against by the friends I had met
who were all welcoming
Now there’s hell to bring
I’ma drill a new hole in their heads and leave
Them all dead to bleed
But what kind of a man am I meant to be?
An example to set for her empathy
To be unrelenting or just set them free?

Paradise or perdition

To kill or spare
adversaries of mine
I’m drilling unaware
To see her there alive from this nightmaritime
Still never cared for the
Fascists or parasites
Wielding their
Rivet guns
Clashed for their paradise

by the Lamb
I’ve been captured
My heart starts to shatter
Will I go down in a matter
Of time?
Or just let it roar
With Eleanor
Grapple attackers till we’re
Freed and out of Rapture
now set a course

Does she want her freedom or to conquer?
Is she the demon, I’m the monster?
Now we’re reaching the pods in the water
I’m wounded by the evil, and my heart starts to falter.

I would waste all my life in the purpose of saving yours
so I was forsaking my ADAM, and then I just gave her more
to slay her mother after? Assume she’s merciful?But will our consciences gather?
or will she consume my soul?

Bioshock 3

bring us the girl, wipe away the debt
a drunken gambler playin life and death
but somethin’s absurd, déjà vu’s intense
the lighthouse returns, afraid of what’s next

AD is branded, let the fall commence
the false shepherd landed for Elizabeth
Bring down the Founders is second best
and then the Songbird standing to protect

she tears holes through my universe
with her caring words and a longing for her human worth
ensnared when the revolution turns
a realm torn apart by elitist delusions of grandeur

the sights are familiar
Diving to the earth
Reaching out
to reunite with her

But the fighting only moves to worse
I’d do anything for her
since the day of her birth

See – See the story told
See the story told to me before
Rewrite the line of this time,
I know that I’m goin to take her back home
my home

Soldiers and the cops comin for my blood
Holdin up a rocket to blow em up
Throwin out a shock, knock out and stun
Approaching Comstock, with a shotgun

A murder of crows
To my murderous foes
I move further to know
What’s the purpose I hold
Till she opens the door
To the doors
I was one, now I’m torn –
tell me how I can stop all of this madness and keep you inside of my world

There’s always a lighthouse
There’s always a man
There’s always a city