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Drop on the track like a blue energy Spirit Bomb
better go and summon SHENRON, before we get it on
Stand up, bringing pain! permanent concussion
Hand up, KID BUU, make it rain, crush em

Appetite for destruction like I’m Beerus
Your entire planet crumbling every time you hear my lyrics
Power orb chuckin cause you never comin near this
Dear Whis, let’s show this guy why cats are so fearless

Beerus and Whis? Thats embarrassing please
better prepare to get fleeced, whenever CELL hit the streets
got a Hell strike! Bombshell, knockin five teeth
say hello to FUTURE TRUNKS when I slap you into next week

My three eyes gleam with neo tri-beam
while you seem blind, Tien’s mind sees all things
OP like Broly, need the speed to fight me
But Yamcha’s sacrifice is no defeat to my team

It’s the Dragon Ball Fighterz
watch me battle for the title
I’m winnin this
Whether tournaments
or time to fight a war
If you think you scared now
I’ll show you my final form

It’s the Dragon Ball Fighterz
yeah my power level’s higher
I’m winning this
Whether tournaments
or time to fight a war
If you think you scared now
I’ll show you my final form

you probably wanted Android 18 as a doll
Punchlines are doubled, 17’s on the call
Now you in trouble, cause I see you unarmed like
16 becoming smithereens as a bomb

you don’t have enough bars to perform the attack
GOTENKS Galactic Donuts is holding me back
with spectacular force. Wanna battle me fam?
GOHAN’S machine gun kick’s a 20 ton battering ram

my squad hits you worse than the Ginyu Force
Body swap, henceforth I’ll be livin in yours
Plus your girl (dreaming of energy blasts) from my ring finger
Call me Frieza, if she need a golden boy as a keeper

Oh I got the remedy now. Knockin my enemy down!
Don’t want it You killin me? How? Better remember me now!
Cold-blooded Assassin! GOKU BLACK smashin’ with a Death Blow
Blast him! He don’t know what “HIT” him, when he bled slow!


Thinking you out of my reach for rapping? Stretchin it like I’m Piccolo
My special beam cannon will be tearin you a different hole
Your rhymes are lazier than Buu on the rhythmical
You try to put bread on the table, I can turn your crew into food

super saiyan like VEGETA, I’m a prince, you’re a coward
not even a fraction of my true power
KRILLIN’s solar flare, burn ya eyebrows
In the final round. Power level’s over 9000

Your power level’s weaker now, Nappa plantin seeds of doubt
Saibamen, you see them sprout, explode if you don’t keep your mouth
shut. She just ate, I feed Android 21
You sounding like a cupcake, and the feast has begun

Nah, chow time is over, learned everything from Bardock
all your weak blows, I can counter with a hard knock
Gotcha, GOKU’s spirit bomb will body ya
now you see me charging up my Kame – Hame -HA!


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