Doki Doki Literature Club Rap pt 2!

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Sayonara to Sayori
girl I’m so sorry, you gave all the warnings
then I just left you hangin here this morning
wait, I ain’t worried
I can just go back and change the whole story

Hey, the game is distorting
None of my saves are restoring
your face is warping
guess I’ll restart and then take a new shorty
plus this beat sounds like it was made for twerking

which girl has got the best mental disorder?
Hm let me think
Natsuki movin too forward at
Breakneck speed, daddy issues got her ordering
“PLAY WITH ME,” that’s why he gave her black eyes

Yuri be drawin the lines
At least she’ll be carving with badass knives
Obsessed with my life, I won’t overexcite
maybe this poem will make her all right

All these ladies crazy for me
They just want to date me
For my way with wording
I guess my game makes girls disturbing

All these bitches crazy for me
They just want to date me
While I pray “don’t hurt me”
I guess my game makes girls disturbing

she tellin me that she jerkin off to the thought of me
while reading about my poems every night, it’s very flattering
you’ll be keepin em all with all your fluids coming out bodily
no, I don’t want AIDS, so simmer it down, honestly

Watchin you touchin yourself but with a spike
I could’ve been someone to help, but now you just smellin ripe
so let me listen to this jibberish and sit and be quiet
starin at you decayin for 3 nights

why am I staring at your dead body?
Shouldn’t I call an ambulance?
Am I into necrophilia or something?

Try avoiding every glitch in the matrix
every choice I make has got me pickin the safest
Make the popcorn, cat fights gettin dangerous
Glad Sayori’s gone, now they bicker for my favorite

all I wanted was to go on a date with
any girl but now I see their heads turning faceless
memories forgotten and the text rearranging
this makes the hentai club seem the greatest

Monika’s been waitin so patient
until the point she couldn’t take it
And made the ladies so tasteless
but the game is unchanging
I see her name in every place and yet
this conversation’s lame and so I guess I’ll erase it


Just Monika
We got lit in the club
Now I’m stuck in this dumb

Just Monika
in this nightmare of love
like forever ain’t enough
till she self-destructs


2022 © None Like Joshua - by Slide