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A dark drumstep rap collab with Austin, Texas producer B*E*N*T. Check out our links below and please Like and Share! There will also be a moombahton VIP from B*E*N*T and a glitch-hop remix from me soon.

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Everybody’s waking up
It’s time to make a cup of tea
Everyday you do the same
Thing. Stuck inside a dream.
Driving off and you see
Them wearing all their fake smiles
Time to start – doing what you
Hate but it takes a while

feel the blood flow.
Look at them. Unexposed.
Stupid grins. Just for show.
What is this a fuckin joke?
Now it’s time to tell these clones
What they’ll never know.
You are not a part of them, your
Heart beats, let it go.

Kill em
Kill em all

Dream’s over.
Slackin on the job
Then you shot up.
Everybody’s lookin at
Persona non grata

Cold sweat
“Maybe you should go on back home.”
So you’re grabbing all your things
While they snicker undertones.

Not here. Not now but you’ve
Had it on your mind for
A year and an hour.
So you drop that bag.
And you charge the gat.
It’s a tragedy for travesties
And then a heart attack like

Kill em
Kill em all

Everybody’s gone to sleep.
No one ever heard a word.
No one even saw a thing.
No you’re not a murderer.

As the outer surface peels.
And the skin is coming off.
So you had the nerves of steel.
Sick of serving, persevere.

Your hands are clean
And eyes are closed
Was that a dream?
You’re not alone.
Your hands are clean
And eyes are closed
Was that a dream?
Or did they kill you?

2022 © None Like Joshua - by Slide