The Assassin’s Creed I-IV Dubstep Rap

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Here’s a rap over remixes of my favorite themes from Assassin’s Creed I through IV. Only took me about a year and two different countries to film, so thanks for Liking and Sharing and everyone who helped me film the video! A big thanks to my sister for singing the vocal solo in the Ezio’s Family remix too.

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Full Lyrics:
so underrated,
i blend with the crowd
rest of the famous
just sellin out
soon as they takin
takin that crown
assassinated by me and my style

they stay in denial
who is the greatest?
me all around
spreadin my message
that nothing is true
everything allowed in my sound so

haters get marked with the eagle vision
now i got to start my secret mission
by killin all who seek my skills in
my art of slaying that i keep deliverin

keep your business, i don’t do it for the gold,
cars, clothes or even bitches
do it for the freedom my people live in
now you see the difference when i lead the gifted, unh

taking back that holy land of rap
climbin to the top, then leap of faith
till my city’s on the map

this is my crusade
make you say touche
when i battle wack
mcs, like swordplay
but you can’t even attack, ah

yeah i’m mostly wanted by the law
saw my posters on the walls
yeah i’m supposed to rip them off
but my foes doin it all

say i’m eavesdroppin on these rappers
name poppin in their weak chatter
but they all rest in peace after

a costly action when you dare throw that rhyme at me
you need to stop this rappin, heard abstergo is hiring
but if you’d gone and done that shit, i’d bury your entire team
i’m handing down my talent, like i wear those designer genes

cravin to be the da vinci of this rap game
hangin every last frame of the wicked i assassinate
man, this ain’t a hobby, this a business with my last name
that i carry with my family to our mass grave

freeing plebians from the evilest policemen
can’t perceive the realest, feel i’m seein a dream sequence
gathering pieces of eden before the people are mistreated
you were thinking we were teamin? man your memory isn’t completed

cause my enemies never be sleepin
i’m their cousin, like i’m reapin
the deadliest of the season
rebellious with the treason

if you hemorrhaging, then i’m preachin
on why you were meant to be ceasin
cause i’m livin, you just breathin
can’t even give me any good reason

if you settin a plot for my pop’s hanging
you are deadlocked when i start aimin
never let you talk if you don’t stop hating
can’t even hear what my mom sayin

here to carry out what the prophet states
bout to unlock from the locked chains
and if you had thought you could parley
requiescat in pace

the glitches are givin so many different points of view on my life
but what is the difference? i work in the dark while i’m servin the light
my hoodie is white, you look in the sky, i’m bookin my flight
surrounded by courtesans they the ones that i’m tonight

makin a library of lyrics
for generations to steer with
i am afraid but i’m fearless
a hidden blade if you near this
no mistake, i don’t veer or miss
a revelation you hearin since
the hands of fate make appearance
train everyday till i say my career ends

perfectly synchronized with the animus and the music
murdering every knight while i’m planning this revolution
certainly end the fight can’t handle my pistol shootin
left you behind if i’m the man that you pursuin

when i was down in new orleans
nobody gave a damn when i start
they were doubtin i’m prosperin
look at my skills, train in the dark
you find these lousy artists
wither and wilt from my poison darts
i fight for the founding fathers
now you know why i’m hoisting arms

my words are a simple translation from the first civilization
you work for the templar payments?
i ensure your devastation

this frontier, i’m taking
i hunt deer while you hangry
what you hear is not mistaken
i have come to steer the laymen

my fans are a transcontinental army
yours are brainless
they demand that i stand up and start
stomping on your slave ships
understand you’re bout to land on these
tomahawks and bayonets
pick a hand and then you catch your whole
squad is gone and vanquished

from the shores of new york
to the old world spanning over ages
if my knife is seein you bleed, i won’t bury ya or cremation
that’s just life, you read and weep in america, 1 nation
may you find the peace you seek, by the one who is faceless

they want to control your mind
in time for their world design
so i free their soul and hide
a bow and arrow aligned

stay still, while i aim till
your whole crew bout to get chain killed
redcoats gettin they brains spilled
bled throats and the stain will stay concealed

i ain’t no patriot
don’t trust anyone that would raise a whip
liberatin this state till the place is lit
on fire
just with the flame i spit

they underestimate
because my race is mixed
it ain’t black or white
i wasn’t made to fit
but my pace is quick
i’ll be droppin the jaw of all, got em in awe – a tomahawk and their face is split

when i’m fallin from the top and then i shank a bitch
my mixtape is a prophecy disk
your past ain’t erased
your future has gone to shit
so i’m the last face
that you saw when you quit

runnin past when they chasin
but they all laggin, evade em
and when i’m rappin so rapid
they think i’m packin automatic
now my status is fading
where will i travel and date it
i navigate it
cause i’m on a ship

movin coast to coast
show to show
flow is dope
throw a rope
over boat

cause these scallywags
couldn’t float
watch me sailing past
through a storm
with no promo

yeah you found him if the sage you searching
artists want my blood – only to observe me
man you must be sufferin from the scurvy
can’t you see the folly in your quest for glory?
hear these fire barrels that i’m throwing
now your crew recruited cause i show em
how i
bring the peace in freedom
no control allowed
from the kings and rulers
that i’m mowing down

secrets in a vault, you’ll never open
keep it in the dark, cause trust is hopeless
seas will split apart, like moses to the ocean
when i’m flowin, explorin shores with the mortars

catch me, and your death will be rewarded

don’t be confusin me with the blackbeard
when i rap here
(i’m rockin it with) the dual swords
the buccaneers adhere
hook for a hand, like the ladies want a pap smear
never bury treasure, i just spend it like a cashier

always upgrading my ship when i spit
hiphop’s what i steer
hackin into your computer
then i ddos your career
packin more than heat than a spanish armada
i’m getting all of that gear
what happened to nlj?
man i’m not me from last year

no you ain’t a pirate, you just rip songs from youtube
takin down the empire, i get drunk and shoot dudes
look in the ruins of mayans, and you’ll see that i am your doom
stayin sharp, while you stay in sight of my harpoon
gazin at a star, and you still lost, where are you?

lookin from the crow’s nest
see you rackin my views
ascended to master rap assassin
that’s the creed that i choose

and now i’m out