A Short Epic IDM Djent Rap (prod. The Algorithm)

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Living unidentified
So No Face
The machine is mind I
Kill em with another rhyme
Begin to Fade
See em die
We combine
As we’re

Traveling within a wire
to redefine
Meaning of life
Given to us

Elementary intellect
we acquire
to delete
And survive

Pre tense
to hide
– and we rip
the fabric
believed in
as we reach the screen
you bleed when we speak
in synch through your PC
see your freedom

die – right – here
– while your eyes dilate
and buy time to wait
your life is a waste
of isolated microwaves

cease this
Pre tense
you lied
with regret

my style shuts down the power
now we rise to the clouds from the ground of earth
can it be the
pro – phe – cy

– a code of virus
to immobilize this
drove of tyrants
like the gold of midas